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Undiscovered or under appreciated, either way these are vocalists, artists, & musicians
worth getting to know.




[MUSIC] Michael Van & The Movers - "A Little More Country"


For some, it is still amazing that good and robust bluegrass
and country music can be found above the Mason-Dixon Line.
To that end, the efforts of Michael Van & The Movers keep
making that amazement evolve into true appreciation. The
five man group fronted by Van make San Francisco, California
home and have enjoyed a steady flow of success and admiration
for their music as they’re done numerous dates around the

Their latest album, A Little More Country, sets out to let
listeners sink deeper into their sound as one would do in
a tranquil pool on a sweltering day. Van’s singing and acoustic
skills display a malleable knack, one that shines through
on a track like “Skedaddle Mountain Lullaby”. The song
is wistful, with traces of the same solemnity you’d get from
a Waylon Jennings number. The other members have
ample moments where their contributions enhance the
overall feel of the album. For example, Bob Skye on
harmonica gives a rousing performance on the ode “Pretty
Penny”. On this album, the band does show a measure
of flexibility, with “Juanita” being one of those tracks
one can easily hear blaring through the speakers of a
tropical bar. A Little More Country, as expressed by Van,
was meant to be a return more to the positive and simple
roots that made music be that much more of a connecting
spirit. One can say that this effort is a big step towards
that. The album can be found on their Bandcamp page.


[MUSIC] 3ipleA - "Water Diamonds"

There are some moments that it becomes more
apparent that water can bring us together more
than we realize. In the cae of 3iple A, they bring
that point home with their single, “Water Diamonds.”
It’s a culmination of the past few years of work
between ImKidKid, A-Tre, Speechless, Ak-Heat
and Goofball. The motivation behind these rappers
repping the Houston, Texas area was to provide
really good and timely music on their own terms
and also to, as ImKidKid says, “keep it PG for the


“Water Diamonds” is meant to be an upbeat party
song, with production that snaps. Both MCs convey
a steady flow, but not too middle-of-the-road to make
a listener get turned off. It fits the H-Town sound but
has enough tinges of influence from the scene in
Chi-town and some Floridian bounce to appeal to
everyone as a fun track to ride to. This single is the
first out of a trilogy of tracks the group has released,
which are available on their Soundcloud. “Water Diamonds”
can be purchased via iTunes.



[MUSIC] Erich Mrak - "Float"

In some respects, floating can be a means of survival
but it can also mean the beginning of being so detached
that you don’t know where to begin. It’s a feeling that
gets captured nicely on the latest single from Erich Mrak.
The Toronto, Ontario, Canada native has seen a decent
amount of success based off of the release of his previous
EP, Retrospect with a style that reflects a blend of fresh
pop and contemporary rap that doesn’t grate on the ears.
“Float” begins with an atmospheric bounce that interprets
the sensation of floating well, thanks to the production by
Bento. Mrak’s lyrical flow comes in, more like the breeze
off of a pond in the fall as he depicts the uneven stance
of being involved with someone and not seeming as if it
will get anywhere. With “Float”, Mrak seems to be on a 
good path leading into the anticipation for his next EP.
“Float” can be purchased on iTunes, and heard on Spotify.


[MUSIC] Space Cadets - "Self-Titled"

Fusing musical genres is not an easy task, not 
even for the skilled artists. It requires timing, a
connection to all the genres involved and most
importantly, a unique expression of the results.
It’s something that is the concrete aim of the
Space Cadets, hailing from Los Angeles, California.
The trio of Zachary Wexelman, Dan Creed and 
John Cocco went out to merge their talents
mainly as a way to channel their frustration at
the way things have become and to make music
that isn’t easily defined except by one thing - is
it good or not? Their self-titled EP is the second
venture towards answering that question.


Space Cadets is an EP that sounds like what 
you would imagine your favorite shot at the
bar would be like if in audio form - sharp, initially
fiery with a particularly robust conclusion. The
group’s honed certain rough edges from their
first EP with help from veteran producer James
Ingram(Tyler The Creator, Mike Posner) here
but it’s ultimately the comfort found in blurring
the boundaries that ties it all together. “Kissing”
is snappy, Wexelman’s flow the right note of
hope & frustration in every lyric. Creed’s bass
work brings tinges of flavor not heard since
Blink 182 & Limp Bizkit’s early successes. On
“Fam”, the group careens from raucous to
reflective like bumper cars and its a solid ride.
Space Cadets is a good stepping stone for a
group looking to pave their own interesting way
forward. The EP is available now through their
Instagram: @spacecadetsband
Twitter: @spacecadetsband


[MUSIC] Kendra Morris - "Still Waiting(Paul Nice Remix)"

Blendmaster Paul Nice, known for his
Sade remix album(trust us, if you haven’t
heard it, go find it and be thankful) has
another mix on display. This time it’s a
cut from singer Kendra Morris’ album
from 2012. 


[MUSIC] 3Bubble & J.Gray - "Pentagon Memoirs"

When we first encountered 3Bubble & J.Gray, what
immediately caught our attention was an electric sound
and feel that both embodied all of what Southern rap
was and represented a new direction it could go in.
The duo returns with a new album, Pentagon Memoirs,
that looks to expand on that promise while making
your speakers pop.

3Bubble & J.Gray - “Dont Lie”

Pentagon Memoirs is a strident, upbeat album that 
starts off in a melodic way with “Bulletproof”. The
track is essentially confident swagger from the two,
with a catchy hook that aims to mark the difference
between those living the life and those living it only
in the studio. From the beginning, you also get the
sense of collaboration. Bubble and Gray’s aim was to
make Pentagon Memoirs a true showcase for other
artists in the Houston area, “to show that H-Town
supports its own.”
 This enhances the flavor of the 
album throughout. “How” featuring Kelechi and
Ronnie E. is a pop-tinged song that makes your head
nod emphatically. “Music”, which closes out the
album draws on funk and strings that smacks of
influence from The Whispers and other legendary acts.
“Vogue” is playful, and perfect for those rooftop parties
with chilled glasses and warm bodies grooving on the
floor. Once again, the hook is infectious and really 
speaks to the growth in production in such a short
time from their last album. That’s not to say the two
don’t shine on their own - the silky smooth “Relax”
is a mellow spinner that should make you scrub back
to listen again.

Pentagon Memoirs is another solid effort from 3Bubble
and J.Gray that doesn’t get pulled down from all of the
collaborations - in fact they give it an added heft and
in turn make the duo’s sound more potent and much
more of a look into what Houston’s got just on the rise.
The album is available now on iTunes and through their
media outlets. 




[VIDEO] Vex Ruffin w/Fab 5 Freddy - "The Balance"

One of the latest signees to the heralded Stones Throw
Records label, Vex Ruffin channels the spirit of dance
music from the 1980’s, just as it met headlong with
rap music. The record is accentuated even further with
the inclusion of hip-hop cultural icon Fab 5 Freddy. Head
over to Stones Throw and cop it.  


[PHOTOGRAPHY] Omar Robles Snaps Ballerinas On Cuban Streets

With Cuba on everyone’s minds these days, it is worth
nothing how the island nation once excoriated by many
has become a recent wellspring for artistry. In another
example, photographer Omar Robles takes some stunning
pictures of ballerinas dancing within the streets of Havana.
Each image is striking in its juxtaposition, and very layered.
Check out more of Robles’ work at his Instagram page


[VIDEO] Ricko w/ Guilty Simpson - "Work Ethic"

Fresh vid from an MC on the way up out of
London, with Detroit’s finest joining in. Look
for The Slick Rick LP dropping soon.  


[ART] Gabriel Schama's Laser Art

Yes, it takes an exorbitant amount of skill and
precision to make masterpieces out of wood. It
is something that Gabriel Schama has achieved
in a striking way. Based in Oakland, California,
Schama has created some highly intricate pieces
with a laser cutter that give you a serious 3D effect
when you look at them. Check out more of his
work at his website