[MUSIC] Space Cadets - "Self-Titled"
Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at 4:34PM
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Fusing musical genres is not an easy task, not 
even for the skilled artists. It requires timing, a
connection to all the genres involved and most
importantly, a unique expression of the results.
It’s something that is the concrete aim of the
Space Cadets, hailing from Los Angeles, California.
The trio of Zachary Wexelman, Dan Creed and 
John Cocco went out to merge their talents
mainly as a way to channel their frustration at
the way things have become and to make music
that isn’t easily defined except by one thing - is
it good or not? Their self-titled EP is the second
venture towards answering that question.


Space Cadets is an EP that sounds like what 
you would imagine your favorite shot at the
bar would be like if in audio form - sharp, initially
fiery with a particularly robust conclusion. The
group’s honed certain rough edges from their
first EP with help from veteran producer James
Ingram(Tyler The Creator, Mike Posner) here
but it’s ultimately the comfort found in blurring
the boundaries that ties it all together. “Kissing”
is snappy, Wexelman’s flow the right note of
hope & frustration in every lyric. Creed’s bass
work brings tinges of flavor not heard since
Blink 182 & Limp Bizkit’s early successes. On
“Fam”, the group careens from raucous to
reflective like bumper cars and its a solid ride.
Space Cadets is a good stepping stone for a
group looking to pave their own interesting way
forward. The EP is available now through their

Instagram: @spacecadetsband
Twitter: @spacecadetsband

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