[MUSIC] Jacob Didas - "Lucid"
Monday, April 17, 2017 at 11:01AM
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A person's mind can become a battlefield in some of
the most subtle ways. That fact is more and more
apparent these days as mental health issues take
center stage in the national discussion. As this happens,
music has become a vital way to both discuss and
try to resolve these issues in an empowering way.
With this in mind, Jacob Didas has created a musical
project that details not only his own journey in
confronting these issues but also how he sees the
struggles of others entitled Lucid.

Lucid is a ten-track album that can be defined by the
word "mashup" without it being derisive because that
is what embodies every track. Didas takes jazz, rock,
hip-hop and classical music to knit together songs
that display a message of positivity amid exploration
of the anguish and pain. This is also reinforced by his
other profession of being a psychiatric nurse. The first
track, "Drumroll" evokes a call to arms, with ska tinges
driving the consistent beat along with Didas' lyrics.
"Flight"sounds like the serene moments that may be
found after the terror of being high up with nothing
beneath but air. What Lucid does is put forth another
canvas of self-exploration painted by those who've gone
to areas some can't fathom. The album is available now
through Didas' website. 


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