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Undiscovered or under appreciated, either way these are vocalists, artists, & musicians
worth getting to know.




[VIDEO] Kiiara - "Gold" 

This young lady BLEW UP last year off the 
strength of one single. Her EP, Low Kii Savage
is out now and in celebration of that, here’s
some striking visuals for that hit single. 


[MUSIC] 061880 - "The Dream Of a God"

There are concept albums, and then there are album
efforts that step beyond the boundaries of what concept
albums can be on a basic level. And that applies to the
latest album by 061880, The Dream Of A God. Despite
the seemingly straightforward title, this album is more of
a cinematically-inclined nightmare on wax. And that is
the entire point. John Parnell, the main mastermind behind
061880, has crafted this project with a gripping backstory:

“In the summer of 1973, a small town in Louisiana was host to a
string of grisly murders. Without a shred of evidence left at the
scenes, much of the town’s population thought it was something
sinister lurking in the forest. Authorities were horrified to discover
the murders were the work of a blood thirsty cult! 

God’s country ends outside of East Hodge, Louisiana.”

In listening to the entirety of The Dream Of a God, you are
left with a serious case of the chills. 061880’s talent for developing
ambient music that tugs at you is in full stride here. One gets
that as the beginning of the album builds suspense, with “A long
tortuous night(part VII)” crashing in and making you jump. 
And if you’re wondering - I did on first listen. There is an eerie
tone that harkens to the scores of Italian slasher pictures that
became all the rage in the 1970’s, but more inlaid with an
emphasis on using your connection to the music to bring the 
horrific dread home. For example, “All evil things must sleep” -
the melancholy tone with the onset of chimes a third of the 
way through underlines the hidden danger. There’s a good feel
for what brings about dread in people on this album, and it does
make The Dream Of a God something that will not only go bump
in the night, but also bump within your playlist. The album is 
available now through 061880’s Bandcamp page and their 


[MUSIC] Frequency - "Fire and Lightning - The Lightning Side"

Tough times can either make someone crumble and fail
to recover or rise and use the turmoil as fuel. That journey
sometimes gets described as being accompanied by fire
and lightning. That could possibly be behind the newest 
release by the rapper Frequency, Fire and Lightning - The
Lightning Side.
Frequency, who hails from Mesa, Arizona,
knows about tough times. A bulk of his lyrics deal with the
trauma of being raised in a broken home and constantly
moving from place to place. He turned to rap music as an
escape, and began to compose his own songs at the age of
9. Ten years later, he’s set to release his first album. 

Frequency’s main draw is the ability to perform a budding
new genre of “EDM rap”, where electronic dance music and
rap are fused together. It’s what garnered him attention
from his label Hood and Associates, who signed him without
him even performing a track. The album gives you a clear
idea of why beginning with the first track,  “Alternate State”.
It opens with a brisk and uptempo beat that is the hallmark
of trap-influenced beat production and Frequency wastes no
time, jumping and rhyming furiously. The Lightning Side is
peppered here and there with these fast-charged raps, but
you get a bit more insight into Frequency’s depth when the
pace isn’t so rapid-fire. On “Lightspeed”, which features
famed battle rappper Daylyt, the somewhat slowed beat
evokes a fully reflective mood that both ride with an easy
back and forth of rhyming. A side note about the other
guest appearances on the album - it’s an eclectic mix, with
Baby Bash on one track and the infamous Don Magic Juan
on the slick track entitled of course, “Pimpin’”. Through it
all, Frequency shows a measured confidence and vigorous
energy that you can tell will hold up well in small clubs and
vast outdoor stadiums. Fire and Lightning - The Lightning
may prove to be an electric entry for a new artist to
thrill crowds with. Find out more at his website. 





[MUSIC] Stormy Mondays - "The Lay Of The Land"/"Wading The River"

It’s not too often that you come across a band that 
puts out music in direct opposition to its name - and
you don’t mind that fact one bit. Such is the case with
Stormy Mondays. The band has been at the forefront
of folk-rock for a little over two decades, hailing from
Oveido, Spain. They’ve enjoyed some magnificent
moments, from jamming with Slash of Guns & Roses
on that group’s European tour, to having their song
selected by NASA to be played on the Space Shuttle
Endeavour and being the only Spanish band to be at
any of the Woodstock festivals with their 1999 concert
appearance. The group has a sound that channels the
same spirit found in music from artists like Van Morrison
and The Lumineers. There’s a genteel quality to their
music, and listeners will find themselves soaking in it
like sitting in a warm bath with their double EP.

The first album, Wading The River, lets you into the
world of Stormy Mondays with the snappy “Nobody
Knows”. Jorge Otero, the lead vocalist, has a knack
for illustrating the mood perfectly with his voice. It 
blends nicely with the steady and lively guitar work on his 
part along with that of Dani Melendez. The group shows
off their dexterity throughout, especially in the bittersweet
tones of “Silent Star” and “Love and Fire”. For the 
second half of the EP, The Lay Of The Land, you find
more tunes that give you an ‘80’s feel that is infectious. 
There’s power abound in “Merry-Go-Round”, a number
that is robust with great bass. “My Midnight World” is 
a bit of a departure with its bittersweet tone, but it adds
to the overall sharp quality of the album. Stormy Mondays
will definitely lighten the mood for listeners both old and
new. More information about their double EP can be 
found on their website. 



[MUSIC] The Cornel West Theory - "T.A.B.L.E."

Here’s a new project from a group on the rise
from the D.C. area…one track, and the album
cover features Celia Faussart, one half of Les
Nubians…check it out along with the liner notes


[MUSIC] Majid Jordan - "Something About You"

The duo, made famous thanks to their OVO Sound
chief Drake, give the public a new track to savor as
their album gets ready for pre-order on Friday. Shout
out to the L.A. Leakers.. 


[MUSIC] We R The Lost - "Still Lost"

“Lose yourself to find yourself.” That philosophy has rung
true for many people for many years. And it is what lies at
the core of Still Lost, the latest release from We R The Lost.
The group of MC’s, musicians and dancers hail from the
Midwestern bastion of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Led by MC Jon
Briggz, the group has honed their voice through a journey
that has seen them come apart due to life and different
circumstances. Being lost in that way helped them to better
display through music what it meant to find their center
again and to connect with others on the same path. With
Still Lost, that journey gets detailed in an engaging collage.

The album starts with Briggz laying down some snappy bars
on “I’m Spotted.” The soulful production by DerelleRideOut
makes the listener understand that this is an album to gain
reflection from. There’s no subject that We R The Lost shies
away from - “The Times” hits a strident tone, opening with
an excerpt from a speech by Dr. Martin Luther King. Jon 
Briggz as an MC displays a flow that to a casual ear might 
sound cavalier, but it is measured and firmly clever to deliver
points with no delay. “Say The Word” finds Briggz trying to 
navigate the waters of love and passion in the digital age, 
again on production with a seductive and jazzy feel by Nova.
“Gold” is a spoken word interlude, delivered simply, that 
sticks to the bone. For those on a journey to cut through
the clutter of daily life, Still Lost is a compass that can help
lead the way. The album is available now via iTunes.,, 



[MUSIC] John Keek w/Jacob Mann - "Come Give It Up" 

Spotted over at Pigeons and Planes…a jazzy little
track that has tinges of trap music to it… 


[MUSIC] Mleo - "Ridiculous/Sunken City"

It’s not often that you find a band that has come together
from a young age and has grown to provide a mature sound
that connects everyone who hears them instantaneously.
Mleo looks to be a band that will add their name to that list
of the few who’ve done so. The band(Audrey Reed, Victor San
Pedro, Nick De La O, Elias Vasquez) hails from Sacramento,
California but now call Los Angeles home. Originally a trio in
high school, Mleo as they are composed now have cultivated
their talents into a sound that is unique and as charismatic
with a flair for some nuanced innovation.

Mleo - “Sunken City”

The band is back on the scene with a new single, “Ridiculous”
that exemplifies the broad steps that they’ve taken since the
release of their debut EP, Sunken City, last year. In the single, 
Reed shows off a voice that delivers lyrics in a light but earthy
tone that really sticks to a listener’s ears. The bass of De La O
has a rumbling appeal that makes you think of those from classic
alt-rockers like Stone Temple Pilots. It’s a good progression from
the music to be found on their album from last year - but that’s
not to say that Sunken City was not a standout release. Mleo’s
first effort is a definitive success in how they established a sound
that juggles alternative rock tones with shimmering pop culture
sensibilities. Reed’s vocal dexterity steps forth, at times sounding
like a jazz chanteuse on the zesty “Paralyzed” and stepping into
a zone like Tori Amos on “Hype Song”. And you can’t go any further
in describing how rich Mleo’s sound is without mentioning the 
fluid and energetic guitar work of Victor San Pedro. He displays a 
knack for effectively setting the pace on the song with his chord
work, most notably on the ska-tinged “Normal Guy”. Mleo is a group
that will compel you to fall head over heels for their music and 
enjoy them for the burgeoning musical treasure they are. Their
single, “Ridiculous” will be available for purchase on October 7th. 



[MUSIC] Lozk - "Meaningless Words"

We speak often about the importance of creating art
from what revolves around us, and how potent it can
be depending on the artist. In the case of Lozk, this is 
not a simple aspiration but rather a dedicated mission of
importance. Lozk itself is the brainchild of multimedia 
artist, musician and producer Leonardo Suarez Jimenez.
The Bogota, Colombia-based artist creates electronica 
that evokes a deep connection and reverence for the 
art of communication utilizing those senses we were
born with but sometimes don’t trust fully. Having won
the prestigious John Leckie award for Innovation in Music
Production back in 2012, Lozk looks to edge listeners 
more towards deeper waters of understanding with the
latest album, Meaningless Words.


The album starts out with a fairly silent intro track that
can be seen as an aural palate cleanser to help bring the
listener in line with what will come next. And what comes
next is a mystical trip of ten songs that pull you further
into what Lozk envisions: a soundscape that doesn’t need
words to express a communal vibe. Yes, there are no lyrics
throughout the album, giving heft to its title. But that gets
lost as the songs play out, built with samples of everyday
life that Jimenez has collected to construct the core of each
one. As a result, the songs give off a post-industrial appeal
that carries the hint of a primeval touch. “Han Sow” makes
the spirit tingle, with key tempo changes that are akin to the
crackling of a bonfire. “Warimomba” is delicate but churning
with the energy, led by guitar strumming that seems to stir
rather than just provide a choral guideline. “An Hawfin” has
an almost Middle Eastern zest to it, a tone poem that would
suit a dervish’s mood. The entirety of Meaningless Words proves
that Lozk’s mission is a very worthy one to partake in. The album
will be available on October 10th.

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