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Undiscovered or under appreciated, either way these are vocalists, artists, & musicians
worth getting to know.




[MUSIC] Tumbler - "You Said"

Life, for many, is a whirlwind that doesn’t allow a person
to step back like they wish to truly survey how far they’ve
gotten. For those that can even in the midst of rocky
journeys, their viewpoint is undoubtedly a blend of the
sweet and the bitter. Such is the case when you sit down
to listen to Tumbler. Their debut album, You Said, is a
stirring and hazy to being pure psychedelic blend of music
that covers all of the elements that make life joyful no
matter what. The band, hailing from Epsom, England is
composed of Richard Grace, his son Harry Grace and Dave
Needham. Richard has had a love of music from his days
of playing in local clubs and pubs. That love got him through
two marriages, and he passed it on to four of his six sons.
One of them, Harry, matched his father’s passion towards
music enough to begin working with his father on some
songs. They managed to link up with Dave Needham, a veteran
musician and engineeer with a fine studio and their efforts
led to You Said coming about.

It’s no wonder that the cover art is that of Harry leaping from
the crest of a hill. You Said feels like a leap of faith that is 
undercut with assurance with each track. Richard’s voice 
carries a tone that begins bittersweet but ends as a wry 
smile. The orchestration on each track beckons the listener
to sit and partake of the simple wonders that life gives us in
every circumstance. The album opens with “Moments”, a 
song that sways like cut crystal windchimes within an open
doorway. Throughout the album, Tumbler evokes a sound 
of calming folk with enough vigor to keep you present. “Break
or Fall” is enblematic of this, with its optimistic verses and 
charging guitar melody on the hook. There is also plenty of
whimsy on the album as well, as evidenced by “Sleepy 
Bananas Are Cool”. Tumbler’s music proves that if one leaps
with joy into the unknown, the flight will be rich and lasting.
You Said is available now through the band’s website


[MUSIC] Ben Khan - "Blade(Tidal Wave Of Love)Demo"

A new track comes to us from a rising singer
and producer from England - Khan normally
has a sound that’s more uptempo but this
shows his knack for conveying emotional
range. Check it out! 


[MUSIC] bitter's kiss - "Self-Titled"

If there’s anything within the sphere of the human
existence that makes us acutely aware of how fragile
it can be and how to still forge ahead with that in mind,
it’s dealing with life’s questions at a young age. While
some take quite a few years to figure it out, others do
have it within them to get clarity about it for themselves.
And in that vein, bitter’s kiss seems to be a crystal clear
example of how to do so.

The debut release from bitter’s kiss is both a harmonious
query about life and a vehicle to articulate the hope that
lies in every situation no matter how painful. bitter’s kiss
is the work of young singer and songwriter Chloe Baker,
who has grown up with music as a key part of her life for
years. This is due in part to the heavy influence of her
father, a musician who made sure to have a full studio in
the household and helped Chloe nurture her own musical
voice. That voice rings through powerfully on this release,
laden with a sage presence and a melodic range that pulls
at a listener’s spirit no matter the topic. That stands out 
as you listen to the entire album. A song like The Rope,
which was penned after a close cousin’s suicide, becomes
a double-edged sword of acknowledging the pain and the
emptiness one has to be in that position and a plea not to
go to that drastic length. Baker’s voice is hauntingly magnetic;
the co-mingling of sadness but hope in her voice and the
lyrics pack an emotional wallop you won’t forget. Another
standout selection is “Love Won’t Make You Cry” - hearing
Chloe’s refrain evokes a charming tone not unlike Loretta Lynn
is what makes this tune golden.

What this entire album is, is a hallmark of a young woman
finding her own voice and determining the strength of her
own beliefs within it. And if this is what she can come up 
with on a debut album, it stands to reason that there will
be even more wonderful music that leaves a lasting flavor
from bitter’s kiss. The album is available now on iTunes. 


[MUSIC] Omen w/J.Cole - "Things Change"

New track from the debut album by an
up and coming MC, Omen. Cole gets down
with a guest verse… 


[MUSIC] The Liquorsmiths - "This Book Belongs To"

Summer heightens the senses, adding extra emphasis to why the 
sun makes you feel so alive. And that same feeling is exactly the 
core found in This Book Belongs To, the debut EP courtesy of The
Liquorsmiths. The folk rock trio hailing from San Diego, California
are musicians who perform with a hefty amount of magnetic appeal,
evidenced by their devout following on the West Coast. The trio(Drew
Thams, Ryan Fischer, Clayton Payne) possess a sound that is a rich
mix of folk and Americana with an alternative rock undertone that
pops throughout this EP and reflects their diverse backgrounds that
stretch from coast to coast. 

This Book Belongs To starts with the sun-kissed twang found in “Coy
With Me”. The song is lilting and breezy, and gives you a great first
impression of the band’s prowess. Thams as a vocalist exudes a sage
presence, with tonal inflections that give you the genteel quality like
Neil Young. This is highly evident on “Iris’ Song”, a soft ballad that 
frames the conversation of a couple reaffirming their commitment 
to each other - his voice coupled with Fishcher’s guitar which acts 
like a supporting brush to the canvas of the scene makes this extra
lush. And Payne’s steady and assured percussion throughout, with
an especially near-jazz tempo on “Devil I Do” ties the band’s sound
all together. The Liquorsmiths have their finger on the pulse of the
seasons with this new EP. This Book Belongs To will be released through
the band’s website on August 25th.


[MUSIC] Ransom Scenery "ear to ear"

Seething. That’s the first word that springs into one’s mind the
moment the first notes of “Slowly Spinning” play out. And it is 
a good word as any to begin to describe the sound of Ransom
Scenery. The duo from Springfield, Illinois came together in a way
that is somewhat appropriate for these times - via email. Their
fruitful collaboration has resulted in their second project, ear to ear.
Drew Lowey and Chaepter Negro have crafted a soundscape with 
this album that nudges the boundaries of what experimental
music can be. At times, they cast their sounds out like finely woven
nets on water; for example, ‘Gasm Of The Heart’ is lilting and upbeat
with a touch of ominous bass as foundation. “My Golden Shield’ is
heavy, dirge-filled with an air not unlike that from the ‘80’s New
Wave. Ransom Scenery has put together an album that is meant
to expand and connect, making ‘ear to ear’ a title that is both reflective
and truthful. You can pick up the album on their Bandcamp page.


[MUSIC] Luca Bash - "The Single Drops" EP

There are artists that come along that seem to tap into their
wellspring of emotions connected to nature slightly better than
others. Once The Single Drops, the new EP from singer/songwriter
Luca Bash opens, you pick up right away that he’s one of those
artists who’s beginning to show that talent. Bash hails from Rome, 
Italy and has been involved in many art forms but music has always
captivated him most. He’s been performing since 2003, and with 4
other EP’s under his belt plus festival awards in his country, it was 
all set for him to release his latest work which is a compilation of past 
tracks carefully selected to go along with a new single. The EP is stirring,
and every track is wrought with reflection as harmonious as a bird 
alighting on a tree branch. The new single, “Your Tomorrow” features
Bash’s intonations almost like prayer - an underlying effect of the tone
of his music. ‘Little Tale’ is frothy like the bubbling layer found atop a 
fresh cafe latte. The Single Drops is a tranquil piece of music that seeks
to underline what music is to be in people - a ribbon tying all of what 
matters within. 


[MUSIC] Danny Severance & The Pink Slips - "A New Dawn"

We here at Manifesto Magazine have been avid fans of the wonderfully
talented musician Danny Severance for a minute now, and were happy
to sit down with him a while back. After an extended period of fastidious
creation with a new group, and relocating from NYC to the sunny shores
of Los Angeles, he’s back with a new group and new single. ‘A New Dawn’
is a crisp bit of music that rushes at you slowly like the rollicking waves
of the Pacific Ocean at the break of morning, with harmony and harmony
gently issuing forth thanks to evenly timed backing that frames rather than
dominates. Severance’s performance is masterful, wedding together genres
and solidifying his voice as one of most soulful out there. ‘A New Dawn’ is 
not only a prophetic announcement of the shining talent that is Danny
Severance and The Pink Slips, it’s also a truly enriching song. The single
is available to pre-order now on iTunes, and look out for their EP, Danny
Severance & The Pink Slips: Sessions At Purchase. Find out more about
them and their music here and follow their hashtags #dannyseverance
and #DSandThePinkSlips on social media.  


[VIDEO] Khasha Macka - "Fallen Souljah"

More than just a reggae group, Khasha Macka
are soul-stirrers with definitive purpose who have
been putting it down for the past couple of years.
They’re on the rise with a message, as evidenced
in their latest video right here… 


[MUSIC] Steve Benjamins - 'Sightlines'

There’s certain singers out there who have the ability to
integrate that extra something within their sound that 
makes you pause. With Steve Benjamins, that statement
fits the bill completely and is backed further with the release
of his third EP, Sightlines. Benjamins, who hails from Toronto,
Canada, has impressed many not only with his distinct and
pristine voice but also by proving to be a great songwriter.
And to cap it off, he is also a talented multi-instrumentalist,
taking care of the bulk of those duties on this very EP. With
Sightlines, you are treated to a wispy but stirring feast of 
music that charms the spirit. Benjamins’ voice grabs you from
the opening notes of the EP’s title track. It’s gentle, downtempo
and skates a neat line between pop and folk. Benjamins sets
a tone that is calm and atmospheric on ‘Exploding Boy’ that
steadily introduces an upticking beat that adds nuance as the
chorus sets in. ‘Devotion’ evokes the same mastery one 
associates with Steve Winwood in terms of how the tune deftly
cascades. Steve Benjamins is definitely an artist that takes 
the time to ensure that you will gain some wistful clarity with
his music. Look for the album to be released on May 15th. 


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