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[MUSIC] 3ipleA - "Water Diamonds"

There are some moments that it becomes more
apparent that water can bring us together more
than we realize. In the cae of 3iple A, they bring
that point home with their single, “Water Diamonds.”
It’s a culmination of the past few years of work
between ImKidKid, A-Tre, Speechless, Ak-Heat
and Goofball. The motivation behind these rappers
repping the Houston, Texas area was to provide
really good and timely music on their own terms
and also to, as ImKidKid says, “keep it PG for the


“Water Diamonds” is meant to be an upbeat party
song, with production that snaps. Both MCs convey
a steady flow, but not too middle-of-the-road to make
a listener get turned off. It fits the H-Town sound but
has enough tinges of influence from the scene in
Chi-town and some Floridian bounce to appeal to
everyone as a fun track to ride to. This single is the
first out of a trilogy of tracks the group has released,
which are available on their Soundcloud. “Water Diamonds”
can be purchased via iTunes.


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