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[MUSIC] Avery LR - "Never Surrender"

If it's said that an MC's lyrics are the sum total of what 
the artist has experienced, then what Avery LR speaks 
about can arguably consist of the experiences of two 
other people in addition to his own. Avery LR has been 
involved heavily in the underground rap scene for over 
six years as a result of being a witness to a seemingly
unrelenting swath of drug-related violence and poverty
that crushed many from his early years in Landover,
Maryland and in Baltimore. Thanks to the influence of 
his grandmother and then his mother, Avery saw the 
perils and made the decision to move to Salt Lake City,
Utah. It was there where he launched his rap career to
solid appeal.

Avery LR - "Never Surrender"

With "Never Surrender", the latest single from the 
MC's mixtape Surviving, Avery LR weaves a tale of 
defiant determination no matter the circumstances.
It's a steady flow that he displays, with a backdrop
that is slightly operatic but not in an overpowering 
way. This production gives Avery's lyrics a weighty
but conversational feel, letting the listener get a 
calm sense of assurance. With comparisons to notable
vets like Beanie Sigel in terms of his prowess, Avery
LR is poised to be a fixture on the list of names to 
watch out for in the near future.





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