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[MUSIC] KASH - "Feel Like"

A major point behind any artistic endeavor should be
if it will make the listener connect through how good
the project makes them feel. This point can be lost in
the midst of the need to make a “hit”. For KASH, a
rapper who hails from just outside of Durham, North
Carolina(Ayden to be exact), it’s a point he’s determined
to not lose sight of. This can be seen in his latest single,
“Feel Like”. The track starts off with a steady rise that
tingles, and KASH lays down smooth bars with a flow
that takes some influence from Bone Thugs N’ Harmony.
This isn’t lost on many once the chorus kicks in as well.
KASH conveys a picture of his environment that’s devoid
of pretentiousness but doesn’t glamourize, striking a 
fine median that lets listeners settle in for the journey.
For someone up and coming, KASH is delivering himself
like a seasoned pro. Check out the single on his
social media feeds. 

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