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Hurricane Harvey And What You Can Do.

Photo Credit: Department of Defense

Make no mistake, the Houston, Texas area as well as other 
cities in East Texas and Louisiana are dealing with the serious
after-effects of the impact of Hurricane Harvey. In times like
these, these communities need support from any and everywhere.
We've got a quick list of links for you as to where you can
send help however you wish below.


Rest In Power, Prodigy.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Prodigy, one half of the legendary Mobb Deep hailing from
Queensbridge, New York City, has passed away at the age
of 42 as reported by various outlets. To say this is a shocK
is an understatement. May his music and message live on.


New Year, New Movement.

We’re not gonna lie, 2016 was a pretty bumpy year.
The deaths of numerous icons in music and the arts.
The election. Natural disasters. The election. But with
all of these things, there were positives to be found
out there.

What will 2017 hold? We don’t really know. What we
here at Manifesto do know is, we will continue to give
you your dose of dopeness. We’ve faltered a bit over
the past year - life offline for all of us has been hectic
and beautifully frenetic. But rest assured, Manifesto
will still be giving you jewels for the crown.

Keep rocking with us. 


To "The Greatest"...Rest In Power, Muhammad Ali

Late last Friday night, the world took a blow to the gut as 
it learned that Muhammad Ali passed away at the age of 
74. There truly aren’t enough words to capture what Ali
meant to many of us. There aren’t enough words to describe
the void of his passing. But, let us celebrate the man’s legacy
inside and out of the ring as arguably the most impactful
athlete and champion for the people ever.


Farewell, Prince.

We mourn the passing of, and celebrate the life
of Prince Rogers Nelson, gone too soon this past
Thursday. But as the man told us himself, “there
is an afterlife.” And we’re sure he’s rocking it out
there as he did here.