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2019. Back At It.

We're not gonna lie - 2018 was ROUGH. For us and everybody. It 
seemed as if the world had gone truly insane and still does seem 
so. Still, there are glimmers of hope, sparks of truth cutting through
all the nonsense. We at Manifesto hope it'll continue to be the case,
and will do our best to give light to those forging through the dark


Queen Of Soul, Queen Of Our Hearts. Forever.


2018. New Year, Same Mission.

What's happening?

Make no mistake, last year was a slow-motion trainwreck
of historic levels. We lost a lot, in terms of those important
to the culture such as the great Combat Jack, Prodigy, DJ
Pam, Sharon Jones and many more. We lost a lot by having
the current administration in office. Puerto Rico and the U.S.
Virgin Islands are still suffering mightily. 

But here at Manifesto, we're still standing strong. We've been
dealing with some stuff behind the scenes, but one thing is
for certain. Everyone here is still committed to bringing you
quality whether it be music, events or articles. We're going 
to rock with you until the wheels fall off, to keep being one 
needed light through the haze. 

To those who've stuck with us, thank you for rocking with us.


Hurricane Harvey And What You Can Do.

Photo Credit: Department of Defense

Make no mistake, the Houston, Texas area as well as other 
cities in East Texas and Louisiana are dealing with the serious
after-effects of the impact of Hurricane Harvey. In times like
these, these communities need support from any and everywhere.
We've got a quick list of links for you as to where you can
send help however you wish below.


Rest In Power, Prodigy.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Prodigy, one half of the legendary Mobb Deep hailing from
Queensbridge, New York City, has passed away at the age
of 42 as reported by various outlets. To say this is a shocK
is an understatement. May his music and message live on.