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[MUSIC] Mr. Stee - "Searching"

The act of searching is part and parcel of the human experience.
This is a fact that’s undeniable and applies to everything we do,
and expressing it can take on many forms. For Mr. Stee, it is
beginning to be best reflected in his music. And it’s also the title
of his second album. For Mr. Stee, this is the first stretch of a
journey in music making that the Vancouver, British Columbia
native began as a guitarist. He often played with his brother, a
bass guitarist, working in the genres of jazz and R&B and funk.
Hip-hop was an interest, but an untimely accident while on
holiday in Indonesia helped him delve deeper into the genre and
commit to making music in that vein. It led to an EP, All Nighter
that scored some buzz and fueled this instrumental project’s 

Listening to Searching, you are immediately brought into a 
state of calm beginning with the first track, “Solstice”. There’s
a keen timing behind each of these tracks, a rhythmic balance
that truly fits in well with whatever one is doing. “Perfume” is
a funky track that pounds against the eardrum thanks to a 
silky bassline. “Flying” is just that - a stirring song that cuts 
through any clouds one might have. Searching overall is a fresh
and enveloping ambient album that is good for anyone’s chosen
journeys in this life. Mr. Stee is making himself out to be a quite
masterful guide and soundtrack creator in this respect. The album
is available now through the artist’s Bandcamp page. 

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