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[MUSIC] Kese - "On Me"

Some stick with coffee to give them a shot of energy
for the day. Others gravitate towards the particular
energy drink that’s trending the most. And for others,
the reliable boost can be found in music. One artist
hoping to add to that latter category is Kese, who
hails from Orlando, Florida.

Kese has always been drawn to rap music from a
young age and has demonstrated a unique ear to
create his own style which is a shade more upbeat
than other contemporaries. This stands out on his
debut single, “On Me”. The opening notes crackle
like the first sparks one sees plugging an adapter
into a surge protector, then Kese delivers a series
of lyrics in a mellow tone. What “On Me” does is
convey the usual braggadocio that comes with the
territory of verbal combat in rap, but it does so
with the air of smooth confidence that harkens
back to the days where R&B and rap were fleeting
but rising tag-team partners on the charts. Kese is
set to release his first EP this April, and the single is
available now on iTunes.

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