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The Fallen

Since FOREVER you have had your senses bombarded and abused by
baseless opinions. I’m not gonna explain why Black Lives Matter is not
a terrorist group, or why a gorilla should have been shot. I’m gonna tell
you about a guy who had got good grades in school, graduated college,
and who is still learning.
Learning doesn’t end when you’re in school.
Learning is essential for the growth of a human mind.
I’m not talking about just book smarts but more a skill like woodworking.
Acceptance and recognition of what your environment presents to you
every day is part of your learning experience. Humans build their
opinions and judge future decisions on past or current influences in
their environment. Yet human nature being what it is, the pesky option
of not having to listen to your natural instincts is used to stay in a
comfortable place all too often.
It’s so easy to fall into the mundane routine of work, eat, sleep, work,
sleep, poop, smoke, drink, work, eat. Routines are memory driven so
thinking about doing a task during the task is sometimes unnecessary.
Think about your morning routine. Do you plot how you will walk to the
subway or to your car? Do you try to figure out which route to take to
every day, step by step or do you zone out? Do you learn something
unique every time you commute? Sounds over simplified? Just walk
with me.
The option of choosing to learn allows you to find a plateau. Satisfaction
without an urge to understand more. This comforting state even fights
against exposure to new ideas to maintain level ground. Imagine a person
saying, “Why try Coltrane when I like Miles?” without even listening to it.  
Why understand a person’s story when mine is perfect?
What I’ve learned is that some people’s happiness is worth more than
learning about another’s. So much so certain information is actively
ignored to preserve a comfortable bubble.  Background noise. Like my
friend here with his ass in my face.
Rude? Yes.
Oblivious? Definitely.
I wonder what he knows.




There were so many things to talk about this year.
That’s why this list is a week and a half overdue.
IDGAF fashion, I narrowed the herd down to the top
10 things that made me say GTFOOHWTBS.


Photo Credit:MEDEX

10 - Ebola

I mean where is it? I was supposed to be hunting for
Twinkies in burned out gas stations while fending off
hoards of Ebola-infected zombies. Oh….the mid term
elections are over? My bad. I guess using big, bad
Africans for profit still works in 2014.

Photo Credit:

9 - Wendy Williams Aaliyah Lifetime Special

What a shit show. Not only did the backlash of the
“unofficial” moniker and lead actress drama foreshadow
its flaying, Timbo’s Twitter rants trended Wendy into the
depths of the web troll hole. God don’t like ugly. I respect
your professionalism on the radio but this here…..
You deserved. Which leads me to….. 

Photo Credit:

8 - Wendy Williams Denying Knowing Charlemagne the God 

REALLY?!?! Wendy lost cool points with me by denying
knowing her longtime co-host Charlemagne the God. Wendy,
you can’t fool me. I’m NY to the core and I remember your first
day on Kiss FM. You must have gotten Hollywood on us little people. 
I listened to you both break the Kim Kardashian sextape scandal. I
heard you both. How dare you deny him and or his credibility in the 
world of broadcast media. Now i’m questioning certain events with
a former intern. Get that blind item Manchick!!!

Photo Credit: Black Enterprise 

7 - Don Sterling

I applaud this man for being the plantation owner he is by
telling his 20 something biracial bimbo not to sully his rep
by associating with the help. She can bang ‘em, just don’t
take pictures with them.  (can’t make this up)  Thank you
for exposing the views of the rich and powerful which were
already in plain sight. Jump Higher Darky!!!!  

Photo Credit: Mike Coppola

6 - Drake vs Puff

So Drake caught a jammie from Puff and all I can think
of is how both their names remind me of pastry. Sweet
niccas. Rumor has it it was over the beat for ‘0 to 100’. Eh
whatever…doubt Puff would’ve made a better track. That
beat is a crutch, it would make Bobby Schmurda Rakim. 


5 - Faux News…. yeah again 


Your level of poor reporting, race baiting, ideal sowing,
ultra-antagonistic and speculative reporting knows no
bounds or morals for that matter. How dare you call
yourself a reputable news channel? They are masters
of fear based storytelling and rarely give light to an
opinion’s (AN OPINION IN NEWS!?!?) other side. Opinions
have no place in giving the public a story. It’s irresponsible
and self profiting. Wondering who the self is. Don’t agree?
Refer to the War of the Worlds broadcast of 1938. Fair and
Balance deez nuts.


4 - US Justice system 

I hate the fact this list is super political but it’s hard to ignore
the bullshit the U.S. Justice system feeds the public. Never before
in the history of the US has the quirks of justice been so clear.
If you are rich and powerful you get a slap on the wrist. If you
are poor and get killed by someone in law enforcement you were
probably in the wrong. No questioning of law enforcements 
actions proved to be a powder keg this past year.

Photo Credit: CNN

3 - TI / Iggy vs Snoop

So Iggy gets salty over the OG Snoop’s comment on
twitter. You know what you do? Take it and keep moving.
But she attempts to get at Snoop and vice versa, only to
be mediated by her handler TI. So it’s squashed right? Nope.
Iggy continues to blast Snoop after that. TI should have kept
his dog on a leash even after the homey Snoop respected his
money. Snoop I hope you pull TI to the side. TI you a sucker for this…

Photo Credit:

2 - Ass Implants

So this is a thing. How ‘bout eating some Kennedy’s Fried
Chicken 5 days out of a 7 day week. Curiosity speaking,
how does it feel when you broads sit down or take a shit?
I’m an ass man myself but hygiene comes to mind when
that junk hangs out the trunk.

1 - Ferguson

So many ways to shit a bed. From the initial incident
to the handling of the grand jury. I could say so much,
but will only say to the Ferguson Police GET THE FUCK

Other things that needed to GTFOOH:

-Surprise to the ending of Future and Ciara, & Wiz and Amber Rose’s relationships (Really?)

-Pat Lynch - MassHole.

-Cliven Bundy - How is this guy still alive?

-Sharknado 2 - Even though I cracked up watching it. Baked Goods man.

-Taylor Swift Ambassador….to NYC - I’m moving to Nashville.

-Shmurda arrested for Drugs and Murder. - God speed young man.

-5 Points Demolition - Fuck you NEW New York.

-Poilice Militarization - If I see a Hummer with a 50 cal mounted on Boston Road I’m riding!


Walking Harassment

Photo Credit: Salon

The other day I got into a debate on Facebook about a video showcasing
street harassment. It was shot and posted by an organization pushing the issue
of street calling being a formof sexual harassment towards women. A young
attractive woman walks through the streets of New York and is hit on by at
least 100 guys.  As I watched I saw the usual imaginary players, the dirty
old men, the young rap star wannabe and the straight perv. These guys were
really aggressive and at times intimidating to the young lady. At one point a
simple “hello” turned into a 5 minutes side by side walk in silence. Fam,
that’s rapey. 

Ignorant to the feelings of women who receive these unwarranted greetings,
I went asking several female friends about their experiences. I found out
that universally women really hate being hissed & whistled at. I mean really
hate it. And it’s a given when think you whistle for a dog or a pet. That is
what they are not. On the other hand most of the women, to my surprise,
thought this was staged and questioned the subject’s disgust. Some felt she
was being sensitive to men saying “hello” or “hey baby”. These women have
even said buy a pair of Beats and keep it moving. One even thought she was
being impolite by not responding to the “good morning”. At the end of the day
it is perception. No one on this planet should be harassed for just walking
down the street. The real question is, when does this become illegal and

I had to see what the Holla Back ( the organization
behind the video was about and how they would go about helping to stop
the street calling. The site had some tips on how to identify street harassment,
which was helpful for me as a man in NYC. It also brought to light many social
inequalities governing our actions day in and out. But still the video did bother me.
Trying to stop women in the street to talk is not the best way to meet them,
but I’ve done it in my youth. Why? Because it seemed like you never know
until you try. I was always polite though. Never have I called them a bitch
after a rejection, even a nasty one.  Let’s be clear, most men do not know how
to speak to a woman, period. A nasty reaction comes from a juvenile place and
is not acceptable. Still I will bring up the question again. When does this become

I thought firstly, “It would be nearly impossible to enforce harassment on a
basis of cat calling.”  Secondly, “How would you even force civil policy on this
issue?” Physical assault is definable but it becomes a cloudy area when it’s verbal.
Then, to make it more complicated, if the interaction is verbal where you do draw
the line? I took the basis of the list provided by the Hollaback organization myth
section to make a cheat sheet for us dumb ass guys who think you can talk to
women on the street by being the holla guy from the Dave Chappelle Show.


1- Your Right to Holla – Yes you do have a right to speak to a woman, but
not in a sexually driven or violent manner. General rule of thumb, if eye contact
is not given or is just a nervous glare back off!! You are making her uncomfortable.
I know it’s hard to understand to some of you guys being god’s gift to them and
all. Get over your ego and move on. 

2-  Sometimes it is a cultural thing – One of my disagreements with HB.
Although I have contended this forever with colleagues, sometimes there are
cultural differences. Case and point, I have a friend who does not like being called
‘Mami’, but lives close to Washington Heights. How does that work? Also in my
opinion some young Black and Latino men are too boisterous and lack etiquette
in regards to interacting with the opposite gender. My advice, be polite genuine
and speak to her as a person not to look at her like as walking pair of tits.

3-  Harmless Flirting – Another grey area but I’m here to help you navigate.
I know some of you are truly macho and want to run the show, but letting her
take the reins of the convo is what wins. She is the boss in this situation and
nothing you do will force her to change her mind. If you cannot spark a conversation
after the initial greeting, get over it and move on. You will become the creepy guy quickly.

4-  That’s how men are – We are hunters, but like all hunters, there is
a learning curve. (excuse the analogy ). Some have a clue on how to engage with
a woman, and some come off like Flavor Flav in a cathouse. Yes we can be aggressive,
but like I said above it is reciprocal. There is no conversation if you have no one
to talk to.

5-  If she’s hot she’s asking for it – NO. SHE IS NOT. SHE’S JUST HOT. It is
up to her to respond to you. But seriously if you think that a cat call will win her
heart…you should seek mental help.

6-  C’mon They like it – The Jacket Guy. Think of it this way…If people at work
kept commenting  on a jacket you wore to the point where there was a nickname
for it and that is what you heard day in and day out for 20 + years…wouldn’t
you be annoyed. Just sayin.

7-  But C’mon Look at her she wants attention – OK I even had a bit of a
problem with this. I know women want to be desirable. What is worn is to
compliment the form of a woman which I often appreciate. Here’s the thing.
If she is not interested in you, she is not interested in you. See a common
theme here. You cannot force the issue.  I’m on the fence about the looks.
I work in Manhattan and lord knows the women here are drop dead gorgeous
but public restraint is key.

8- It only happens to younglings – No. I’ve seen women get hit on
as old as 62 years of age. Bottom line? Respect is respect.

9-  Those Who Complain are Men Haters – I found the opposite. These
women love men. They just wish they were spoken too in a classier manner.
Take heed dummies.

10- As long as it’s not violent it’s not harmful – This one also can get
tricky. I will categorize talking or shouting at women in an aggressive and or
sexual manner as off limits. For real guys, grow up. Stop scaring women with
your begging, peering and path blocking. All it does is make them afraid of you.

Do I believe a man should be locked up for cat calling?  I say if it is a simple
“good morning”, no. If it’s a “Fuck you bitch I didn’t want to talk to you anyway”,
strangely no. If it’s “I’d like to lick your butt”…creepy. Call the cops. Don’t get me
wrong, I don’t think women should feel uncomfortable just walking down the street,
but legal action towards an unwanted suitor can get subjective really quick. I beg
for situational severity. Please do not take my words as pro cat call. As with anything
there is a wrong way and a right way. Check your game fellas.


The Street Meat Game

Everyone that lives in NYC has dared to grab a chicken over
rice lunch from a tin box with two friendly Pakistanis cooking
up something that makes your nostrils dance in expectation.
Halal meals for $5-$6 a pop have been holding down hungry,
working NYers for years. Waaaay before boutique food trucks
selling vegan tuna these guys have mastered the art of the
lunch special. But as with anything in this city a Street Meat
cart HAS to be vetted. The last thing you need is a case of the
2 PM shits. So here are some general rules of thumb.  


1- The longest line means the freshest meal. 

This means the food is not sitting on an outside grill
on the sidewalk for hours letting truck fumes and
bacteria attack. If you are unfamiliar with the carts
in your area, this tactic is your best bet.

2- Get a guy.

If you happen to work in the same area everyday,
you get to know the guys giving you your coffee in
the morning and meal at lunch. Chances are if you
get friendly with one of the guys he will give you the
freshest items he has to keep you coming. To sweeten
the deal bring a friend with you next time get a meal.
He will be grateful and you will have a good meal every
time. It got so good with me that I’ve received meals
on credit. WTF!?!?

3- Order with confidence. 

Don’t be afraid to tell them what you want. If you want
greasy meat and want to wait, ask. If you don’t want
the complementary white sauce red sauce , say so. If
you want a hamburger as advertised with cheese tell him.
(but you are adventurous.)

4. Stay to the tried and true dishes they make.

Gyros, chicken over rice, lamb over rice and fast food
favs. Stay away from rarely ordered (but advertised)
hamburgers and fried chicken. Really? You think there
is a deep fryer in there?

Stick to these tips and you will have a good experience almost every time. 

Expert extras:

- Try the green sauce. It’s a mint mixture that give the dish a kick

- Try to stay away from truck that specialize in 10 or more items one
being fish. How can that stay fresh?!?



The hits don’t quit. It seems like every year the fuckery all stars 
hit me with a plethora of BS to go through and choose the most
poignant pieces of self gratitude, sloth, and but plain rachetness. 
So like always heeeere we go…..

10.  Kanye West

This one hurt me cause I have nothing but love for the homey.
His album was different, not bad to me. He seeded up one of the
fattest asses in the game. I didn’t even bat an eye when he protested
his fair share in the fashion world. I get it. Certain professions do cater
to a cookie cutter type to justify its ideals. But in normal Ye fashion he
bashes his way in by force…and now he’s really rubbing people the
wrong way. Ye, the only way you got on this list is because of your
interview etiquette. Don’t let “George Bush doesn’t like black people”
get drowned out by “You ain’t got the answers Sway!!” Get at me for
some unbiased constructive criticism, Ye. 


9. The GOP

Christ on a cracker these guys are relentless. They forgot how elections
and laws work. A little bit of media machine and old slave money they
launched an “Obama is the End of Merrica” campaign. How do you try
to repeal a signed law when you do not have the power to do so? Shut
down the government. Shouts to Obama, you cool muthaphuka. He
called their bluff and exposed their grade school behavior by making
them turn purple when they held their breath in protest. Nice work. 

8. The Harlem Shake Redux

I love how the hood finds out late that the internet took something
of theirs and makes it a sensation all the while completely changing
the original.  Let’s get it straight… I don’t even know why it was called
the Harlem Shake to begin with so I will take offense to that craze
being called that. I had to explain to people that whatever that thing
was it wasn’t the original. To which I had to provide proof. Thank you
for yet again erasing a piece of our culture and tell us what it should be.  

7. Miley Cyrus

What a year for this chick. In one year she invents twerking (even
though the Ying Yang Twins rapped about it 15 yrs ago ), molests
Robin Thicke, and becomes a chart-topping rapper. ( I just threw
up on my iPad ). She is the model of young women everywhere.
They followed her through the bipolar Hannah Montana phase.
Now its the ‘slutty, hang with Black people to prove I’m cool, aww
shit I hope my pastor doesn’t see this’ phase. Stay tuned to
Privileged People Problems in 2014!!!

6. Angry Chris Brown

This dude right here needs a hug. But apparently that’s how that
club fight with Drake broke out. (Ha) Chrissy, I wasn’t too judgmental
when you beat the snot out of Rihanna. Not like you should beat a
woman. I saw you more of a misguided young man repeating the
actions of his abusive father. Mistakes can be forgiven. But Christ! 
You have no remorse or accountability for anything. So there goes
my theory of you being influenced. Do you know if you had the money
of the rest of us had you’d be doing some time for assault? Of course
you do, that’s why you threw a fit in anger management camp with
your mother. Grow the fuck up Chrissy! You heading towards nobody
island with Ray J and Riff Raff. 

5. Waiting on line for sneakers 

Fam, I don’t like to wait on line for FREE shit. So it bugs me out
when I see dudes camped out over night to cop the new Lebrons
or Jordan’s, in the cold, in the rain, on a hot summer’s night. We
all have our subculture obsession, but I would never wait overnight
for anything other than money. Some do sell them for thousands on
Ebay, that’s cool. But if you are just going to keep them in a closet
boxed up and wear them once a year…you need a more productive

4. Jordan Obsession. 

It has almost been 30 years since the first pair of Air Jordan’s hit
the shelves. Fast forward to 2013 and it is still the most desirable
item in the hood. So desirable dudes would scrap in a mall for a pair
of the Gamma Blue 11s. So desirable a dude will perform cunnilingus
on it instead his girlfriend. I will say this once….. Stop throwing your
money away! Especially now that Miley Cyrus is co-signing it in her
songs. You guys embarrass me.  They call us liquid money you DO
know that. Invest. Become REAL CEO’s!!!! Think outside of record 
labels & T-shirt lines. Think Management, Think Science, Think of
anything else…..PLEASE THINK.

3. Megyn Kelly

How this bird still has a job is amaaaaaaazing. I’ve been to school for
journalism and the Fox crew are some of the worst in the industry.
The only thing worse than them jumping all over the Obama administration
for the Bengazi attacks(which was based on a false report), was this
chick stating that Santa can’t be black, because he’s white. So is Jesus.
Who needs to take the wheel at this point. I was taught to respect all
peoples’ views. But I can’t let this slide. You ma’am are a dumbass.
Megyn my dear, Santa can be anyone to a kid. Why? Because he is
fantasy. Same way the 47 Ronin stars Keanu Reeves. Polynesian
ancestry is close enough. In a way, I’m happy you said it. So people
can see how bigoted you are. 

2. Saggy Skinny Jeans

So skinny jeans are enforcing my rather manly frame to search
for clothes outside of H&M. No sleep lost. I need room in my pants.
What bugs me out are the dudes who sag them. Actually I couldn’t
call it sagging when the belt is underneath your butt cheeks. I seen
a dude in a snow storm last month with frost on his drawers. LOL.
I dunno man. I haven’t been in High School for years. I guess this
is whats up now. It’s just an invite to be butt hugged to me. Funny
shit is these dudes still do it knowing it has roots in prison culture.
AGAIN…..ITS AN INVITE. If i was gay I’d be mad that these androgynous
boys are false advertising. Eh at least the pervs get eye candy. The
price we are paying for Hip Hop’s Hair Band era. Look up Whitesnake

1. George Zimmerman

He got off. Never have I ever been so disgusted with our justice
system. Because a teenage boy threatened a grown ass man, the
life taken was deemed justifiable. Thanks America. Thank you for
giving these scary people a precedent to kill Black men out of fear that
they “might” do something. This is the beginning of something ugly
that will breed more violence. Several black people were shot and killed
after the incident because of justifiable fear. Is it fear or guilt? Guilt that
Black folks still struggle to put money in there pockets and food on the
table because of societies oppressive structure? Are you scared of the Black
guy in your office getting violent because of years of being passed over for
promotions? It’s a pain and reality only people of color can see. This trial
just solidified our worth to the American public.  Which it seems as close
to nothing. Our former president has done twenty times worse than Trayvon
had. Trayvon’s only crime was being Black on this piece of shits watch. I
hope you get dick cancer Georgie.

Notable Mentions:

George Zimmerman - The Sequel -  This jackass pulled his hammer on his wife and girlfriend months after being acquitted for murdering Trayvon Martin. Yeah,rumor has it that she was looking into her own house suspiciously.(that was a joke)

Juror B29 - The Zimmerman case ruined YOUR life? My dear hindsight is a bitch. Wanting to go home is not the reason for letting a man free for a murder you still feel he committed. I was not in that room when you 12 were deliberating so I cannot attest to your alliance. One thing though, I would not have budged. No one would have seem their families until justice for Trayvon was handed down. I guess thats why I never get picked for jury duty. In 2013 going to 2014 it’s still JUST US!

Juror B37 - You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to profit off of this tragedy. A book deal? Really? I’m glad the Twitterverse shut you down.



Golden Era, Part II

My eyes were burning. Exhausted, I got off of my bed and followed
the red glow of my turntable sitting on my dresser. Dropping the
needle I heard the signature elevator music and fembot introducing
the album.  Tribe’s production value always is stellar even in the
times of one loop samplers. This faction of the Native Tongues did
not disappoint. “Stir It Up” set the album off as a precursor for what
to expect for the next 50 mins. A bit harder than their previous
albums, but still true to the musicality of what made Tribe legend. 

The thing I remember the most was how the album flowed. With
the fem bot injecting a “keep bouncing” in between songs, it was
1:10 AM before I realized it. “Award Tour” the already hit single
was complimented by edgier tracks like “8 Million Stories” and
“The Chase II”. It kinda showed a sign of the times. Hip Hop was
taking a leave from feel good music to more situational, social
mirroring rather than commentary. It was more common for MCs
to use the word “nigga” in there songs and weed worship was at
an all time high. “Marauders” marked the impending transition of
the Hip Hop culture. It used to be cool to have a fun song not
about violence, confrontation, elicit drug use, and word play.

During this time the darker side of Hip Hop was emerging, not
in a bad way, but a real time sign of the times. These were the
end of the Dinkins years and the looming of the Guiliani years in
NYC. The lyrics showed. Songs like “Sucka Nigga” clashed with
“Oh My God” but somehow there was still balance. “Lyrics 2 Go”
and “Electric Relaxation” flexed the core technique of the Tribe.
Their sound was theirs

November 9, 1993 was the writing on the wall. Wu Tang on the
store shelves next to A Tribe Called Quest. The ying and the yang
coexisting. But the music was going edgy, shock driven soon after.
Not that it was a bad thing. It is just that the balance is not there
anymore. These were my “backpacker” years and although I was
from the streets I was not a drug dealer nor did I have  a record.
Pushing rhymes not portraying street life got less desirable for record
companies. I once had a producer ask me if me or my crew ever
been locked up. When I replied with “Nothing major” he recommended
that we get our stripes. I was floored. I just wanted to rap and
produce good music. 

I ask now why did the culture change. Hip Hop is music’s chameleon
adapting to the times. Still how did we totally give up on the balance.
Fun records are wack. Hard tracks are hits. The answer for the most
part is hip hop is not cherished like rock. There is no light hip hop or
“backpacker” stations. Just one place suggesting what is hot to reach
the ultimate goal of selling records. Follow the money. And like any
art, money can empower and cheapen the initial idea. Yeah. I will say
I miss those days and miss the variety. Still, I will not discredit those
who came after this time. I’ll just plead to the next generation: do
your homework. Build with those before you. Do not bend to satisfy
or justify an execs bottom line. Your talent is what got you there.
Make them work for you. Maybe only then can we restore the balance. 
Keep…keep bouncing.



Golden Era, Part I

1993 seems so long ago, but I remember that year like no other. I was
turning 16 and felt the world was mine. I’ve been DJin’ for about a year
and a half and was already getting thumbs up and tutelage from the
older cutmasters in the hood. I had converted a small space in my folks’
garage as my personal studio equipped with 4 house speakers with rips
in the cone and a 8 track AM/FM receiver for an amp. I worked odd jobs
in the Italian part of town and bought myself a Gemini mixer and 2 Gemini
belt driven turntables. I was addicted….addicted to the sound, the craft,
the culture of hip hop. 

It was rare to hear Hip Hop on the radio until Hot 97 changed formats in
1992-1993 to supply NY with a Hip Hop station. It  introduced Hip Hop
culture to more people and commercially  lucrative opportunities. That
winter, after doing a few summer gigs I bought my first sampler. An Alesis
Time Machine meant for a effects rack, but used by me to free myself
of pause tape hell. For all you young dudes, in those days if you had
no sampler you used a tape deck and would record parts of songs/records,
pause, then bring the record back and record that section again. A few
hundred times and you have full song looped slightly off beat. Pause
tapes done right though would provide you with a beat to rewind and
flow on with the block. The trick was looping unique parts of songs
sampled already by established artists and flipping it. 

I used to listen to DJ Mister Cee and DJ Mr Magic ( this this is is a…)
Thursday nights while NY Undercover was on. That’s where I heard
“Live at the Barbecue” and Black Moon the first time. One night I heard
a song called “Protect Ya Neck” from a group influenced by old kung fu
flicks. I quickly hit up SOS DJ Specialty shop and picked up the unsigned
12” with “Tears” on the other side. 

The day arrived, my 16th birthday. I scrapped up enough doe to cop the
Wu on cassette and the Tribe on vinyl. I popped in the Wu first and I was
immediately snapping my neck. Asking myself often, “How the FUCK did he
loop that sample like that?” The intangible beats were matched by an
incoherent, but lyrically poignant and vigorous verse delivery. I realized
then that hip hop had never heard the likes of this before. 

Wu’s hard street rhymes on RZA’s awkwardly complex beat structure
took me away to a place I’ve never been. Before I knew it my Sony
auto reverse flipped through the auto reverse 4 times. (I listened to it
twice, for the MP3 genners). Wu was nothing like I ever heard before. It
was so raw, so New York. I was in hip hop heaven. Then I realized Midnight
Marauders was sitting on the turntable. It was 11:30 pm.

To be continued… 


Why Marriage?

It’s a rare time in life when there are so many uncertainties. 

Things are changing fast. Managing all the moving parts is almost
well…unmanageable. Honestly the fact that it still is manageable,
IS a testiment to spirit and drive. No one can make a human do
something they don’t want. You may need to eat but you can
choose to starve yourself. 

Right now planning is gonzo. I’ve thrown many events in the
past and this is just as challenging even more for the bells and
whistles. Vendors, venues, invites…its enough to make me wonder,
“Why the hell didn’t I go to Vegas?” I could hit the tables hard and
broke even.

Someone asked me why would I want to put myself through this
process. I really didn’t know how to answer that.  Then I realized,
I wanted it to be this way. I like a challenge. Nothing achieved is
as sweet as getting there after tough trials. And nothing is more
challenging than two humans, free of will, thinking as one. Or
trying to.  Lets be real…that’s some work for your ass.  

I still believe a black family can thrive, it just takes effort. If I’m
forced to believe that being what I am predetermines my failure,
I’m something less than human. Headstrong and critical but
never passive, the goal is to not give into stereotype. Call me a
dreamer, a fool, a person that doesn’t know shit about shit.  One
thing is do know is risky challenges reap high reward. Life is too
short to wait an play it by hearsay.

The way I see it, if we can make it through catty friends and 
relatives, small technical crises, weather, and travel we can make
it through anything.  Bring it on. 


The Safe

The day is getting closer and I’m listening to people who are genuinely happy as opposed
to the people looking for mindless, polite banter to pass the time. “Safe” is an adjective/noun
describing what I learned from talking to people in my outer circle. Why they are there?
How did they get there? Why are they close enough to me? As I’m turning the bend,
creeping on the stretch, the reasons why I took the first step come more into play.

“Safe” adj. Def. 1-5., n.d. Web. 1 March 2013

1)secure from liability to harm, injury, danger, or risk: a safe place.

To me, this means secure the bubble. If you don’t have one, you are sponging
up all sorts of things that can influence your bound. So get one.  

2)free from hurt, injury, danger, or risk: to arrive safe and sound.

Words often left for snark or negative criticism will be used to describe your
pending marriage. You will ask yourself, ” Why did he/she say that?”. All
I can say is Fuck ‘Em! Pardon my crass reaction but nobody knows about
your relationship but you and your partner. It is important to have each
others back when opinions and curious inquiries are peppered on you.
Protect the bubble. 

3)involving little or no risk of mishap, error, etc.: a safe estimate.

You never entertain or project behavior the would injure or cause
physical damage to each other. Having each others back in threatening
situations will be key in case an unfortunate situation arises. Not be Mr.
Doom and Gloom but shit happens.  

4)dependable or trustworthy: a safe guide.

This is the core values you both have and the confidence your
will partner will withhold them in you absence. This is important
when a family is new. You must be somewhat on the same page. 

5)careful to avoid danger or controversy: a safe player; a safe play.

Here’s a tricky one. The infiltration. Confidence is a biatch. It’s catnip.
To maintain the happy you must leave the hoes alone!!!  If you are
about it know the ledge.  People will talk. Hate even. It’s important to
rise above that. 

Reflecting back on this time leading to the day will surely reveal
truths about relationships I’ve held with people as well as the ones
I will hold on to in the future. Some of whom are on notice. 


Caution To The Wind

There comes that time as a man you have to fully come to grips with the
whole notion of being married. As I sit here letting the third gin and tonic
take me to happy land, I am content to be in a room full of  grown women
enjoying each others company. Truly ignoring me. See it’s the simple things
that make me happy and tonight it is the comfort of not being out on New
Years wondering if it is safe to get drunk. I am listening to their convo but
most importantly I’m thinking of the coming year of planning and life changes.
This is really happening. Man this is a feeling of joy, dread and caution. “Jodretion”,
if you will. It’s not a terrible feeling though it is enlightening. It’s like the feeling
you had when you left eighth grade knowing high school is on the horizon. A
new stage in life. Am I willing to accept it? I mean. I’m a guy. This means devoting
myself to ONE woman for the rest of my life. Every man’s nightmare. Kinda funny
though. I really did not like being single, even in the whoring stage. I think every
man wants to know if they will be happy after the wedding. (I passed out before
writing this next part.)

I remember that night and those last thoughts before I didn’t have the motor
skills to finish. Soon after I slipped my phone in my pocket I heard them talking
about how drunk I was. Sitting there eyes closed, smile on my face. Someone
wanted to take an infamous phone pic. Capture the drunk. Then I heard my
future wife say, “please don’t”. I felt her presence as she walked near me to
take my glasses off. Right there I knew trust is key. I was happy I chose who
I did. And I’m ready to take the leap with her. 

Ps -I bet you girls didn’t think i was listening huh.