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Undiscovered or under appreciated, either way these are vocalists, artists, & musicians
worth getting to know.




[MUSIC] Kendra Morris - "Still Waiting(Paul Nice Remix)"

Blendmaster Paul Nice, known for his
Sade remix album(trust us, if you haven’t
heard it, go find it and be thankful) has
another mix on display. This time it’s a
cut from singer Kendra Morris’ album
from 2012. 


[MUSIC] 3Bubble & J.Gray - "Pentagon Memoirs"

When we first encountered 3Bubble & J.Gray, what
immediately caught our attention was an electric sound
and feel that both embodied all of what Southern rap
was and represented a new direction it could go in.
The duo returns with a new album, Pentagon Memoirs,
that looks to expand on that promise while making
your speakers pop.

3Bubble & J.Gray - “Dont Lie”

Pentagon Memoirs is a strident, upbeat album that 
starts off in a melodic way with “Bulletproof”. The
track is essentially confident swagger from the two,
with a catchy hook that aims to mark the difference
between those living the life and those living it only
in the studio. From the beginning, you also get the
sense of collaboration. Bubble and Gray’s aim was to
make Pentagon Memoirs a true showcase for other
artists in the Houston area, “to show that H-Town
supports its own.”
 This enhances the flavor of the 
album throughout. “How” featuring Kelechi and
Ronnie E. is a pop-tinged song that makes your head
nod emphatically. “Music”, which closes out the
album draws on funk and strings that smacks of
influence from The Whispers and other legendary acts.
“Vogue” is playful, and perfect for those rooftop parties
with chilled glasses and warm bodies grooving on the
floor. Once again, the hook is infectious and really 
speaks to the growth in production in such a short
time from their last album. That’s not to say the two
don’t shine on their own - the silky smooth “Relax”
is a mellow spinner that should make you scrub back
to listen again.

Pentagon Memoirs is another solid effort from 3Bubble
and J.Gray that doesn’t get pulled down from all of the
collaborations - in fact they give it an added heft and
in turn make the duo’s sound more potent and much
more of a look into what Houston’s got just on the rise.
The album is available now on iTunes and through their
media outlets. 




[VIDEO] Vex Ruffin w/Fab 5 Freddy - "The Balance"

One of the latest signees to the heralded Stones Throw
Records label, Vex Ruffin channels the spirit of dance
music from the 1980’s, just as it met headlong with
rap music. The record is accentuated even further with
the inclusion of hip-hop cultural icon Fab 5 Freddy. Head
over to Stones Throw and cop it.  


[PHOTOGRAPHY] Omar Robles Snaps Ballerinas On Cuban Streets

With Cuba on everyone’s minds these days, it is worth
nothing how the island nation once excoriated by many
has become a recent wellspring for artistry. In another
example, photographer Omar Robles takes some stunning
pictures of ballerinas dancing within the streets of Havana.
Each image is striking in its juxtaposition, and very layered.
Check out more of Robles’ work at his Instagram page


[VIDEO] Ricko w/ Guilty Simpson - "Work Ethic"

Fresh vid from an MC on the way up out of
London, with Detroit’s finest joining in. Look
for The Slick Rick LP dropping soon.  


[ART] Gabriel Schama's Laser Art

Yes, it takes an exorbitant amount of skill and
precision to make masterpieces out of wood. It
is something that Gabriel Schama has achieved
in a striking way. Based in Oakland, California,
Schama has created some highly intricate pieces
with a laser cutter that give you a serious 3D effect
when you look at them. Check out more of his
work at his website


[MUSIC] Brandon Stoehr - "As Far As It Goes"

It’s often said that you find the road you’re supposed to
be on while you’re headed somewhere else. For Brandon
Stoehr, this has become the underpinning to his flourishing
career. Hailing from Washington State, Stoehr initially had
his mind set on being an elite basketball player even as he
was steadily creating beats while at home, something he 
had been doing since he was 12 years old. He reached a
crossroads of sorts after deciding to not play in a tourney
while in high school. The end result came in a song he wrote
and produced which gave him the push to continue with
making music. Since then he’s been consistently grinding
as an MC and producer.

As Far As It Goes is the next evolution of the sound that
Stoehr represents - rap music that’s high energy and clear
from bassline to lyrics. This is the first full length project
he’s put out, and from the first track you gain a good 
perspective on the heights he’s trying to reach. Brandon’s
flow is earnest, and doesn’t stretch out to be similar like
others in the scene right now. The production here by 
guest beatmakers such as Jacob Lethal and Don P show
a willingness to put a smoother edge to those high energy beats that 
are all the rage these days while sprinkling in some influences
from veterans on the scene like JakeUno and araabMUZIK.
Stoehr is driven, evidenced by the smooth and solid staccato
about putting in work towards your dreams on “Noon To Six.”
“Alive” shows off Stoehr’s tightness in terms of delivering 
heavy verses with a note of hope. And “Don’t Stop” delivers
more of the same, including this: “I rap so I can inspire/it’s why
my rap name is my real name”. With As Far As It Goes, Brandon
Stoehr is set on a road to show not only the lengths of his 
dedication to providing good rap music but the possibility of just
how high he’ll reach. Check out his website for access to the



[VIDEO] MeaKoom - "Smile"

Because this isn’t only a fresh tune, it’s a needed one.
She’s been putting it down for a minute, representing
both Nigeria and the Hackney district of London, England
as a sharp singer and songwriter. Find out more about
her at her website: 


[MUSIC] J'Moris - "Moris Better: The Hangover"

A hangover can provide illumination, and not just the 
persistent thought that maybe one shouldn’t party to
excess. Sometimes it can lead to a bit of growth. That’s
one underlying force that drives J’Moris, who relays that
idea on his EP, Moris Better: The Hangover. J’Moris isn’t 
a fresh face in the rap game - he’s been dropping lyrics
since his first single at the age of seventeen, “Play On”.
Hailing from outside of the Dallas/Fort Worth area in
Hillsboro, Texas, J’Moris has crafted a unique style that 
draws from the rich Southern rap culture that gave birth
to such MC’s as Chamillionaire, Kevin Gates and others
while also taking some influence from East Coast hip-hop.
That, plus a firm independent spirit propelled him to go
his own way while still a co-founder of Tru Misfitz, a collective
formed while he was at Lamar University.

Moris Better: The Hangover is a neat little EP, six tracks
in length. The album in its entirety allows him to show off
a laid-back style of rapping that has its moments of bold
emphasis. Steady and entertaining, J’Moris delivers lyrics
with a quick wit, shown to the full extent on “Mad At Me”.
He even gets a bit risque with a song dedicated to threesomes,
entitled “Lesbian”. The production on the album pays homage
to the inflections of trap music that currently dominates the
scene, but it serves to be a good springboard for the rapper
to rhyme casually and with confidence that you’ll be bumping
this in your ride as the temperature increases and waiting for
more to come. Moris Better:The Hangover is available now 
through his website and all major outlets.






[ART] "Celia" by Jordi Diez 

Check out this absolutely stunning sculpture by artist
Jordi Diez. Standing at 6 feet tall, it’s made entirely out
of steel and dedicated to his wife. Find out more about the
process and see more works by Diez at his website.  


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