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Undiscovered or under appreciated, either way these are vocalists, artists, & musicians
worth getting to know.




[MUSIC] JOMO - "What I Want" 

Those rappers who want to make tracks that can be regarded
as part of the soundtrack of the streets have to imbue each of
their songs with a certain flair that evokes not only what the 
streets hold but how they managed to hold an observant corner
within them. For JOMO, this means being a lyrical representative
of South Jersey by way of Atlantic City and giving listeners a 
different take as to what lies behind the casinos and the glitz.
JOMO has made a few key moves with his music, with a placement
of one track on the CBS series "JAG" and being part of music 
festivals in the A.C. area including stints at Jay-Z's 40/40 Club.
With a new EP, What I Want, JOMO is looking to add more of 
those notable moves to his repetoire.

What I Want is an assertive and humble collection, kicking off
with a subdued but stylish track that bears the same name as
the lead. JOMO has a flow that's laid-back which serves him well
over all as he spits about having the ambition to get up and out
off of the streets. Throughout the EP, that flow is highly apparent.
There's an uptempo energy that kicks in to balance it out, mainly
heard on "Cocky" with a feel not unlike that heard from G-Unit.
Although there's one or two points where the production feels
a bit mismatched to take away from the energy such as "Clap",
this EP is a solid stepping stone for JOMO to further reach that
lofty spot he's been grinding towards. The EP is available now 
through his Bandcamp page listed below.




[ART] Alexis Eke

Alexis Eke is a talented illustrator on the rise, hailing from Toronto,
Canada. An artistic challenge prompted her to churn out work, and
the results have been striking in their mixture of influences from 
today's rap greats to some 1970's Afrocentric color palettes. Check
out more of her work on her Instagram page and pick up a print right


[MUSIC] Niker Groze - "Shake That Booty"

It's summertime, so you definitely are getting your playlists
in order for all that the season brings - but some of you may
be taking a little bit longer to build that out. But there's one
artist that wouldn't mind being added to that list, and makes 
a firm case with a single that has an abundant amount of fun
in it. Niker Groze is that artist, and he hails from Toronto, Canada.
That single? "Shake That Booty".

Niker Groze has been at this rap game for a little bit,
and has put together a single that's all about making 
people tap into their inner joy. You can see that plainly
in the visuals for the track that incorporates a little bit
of a vibe similar to LMFAO and Mac Miller. Niker employs
a distinct amount of witticism, nothing too boastful over
an EDM-influenced beat with enough bass to make the
hips gyrate. With an entry like this, Groze might be one
to kick in a little bit of extra fun to playlists for quite a while.



[ART] Occupied In Bethlehem

FWTV took a trip to get an in-depth look at the infamous
Banksy's hotel located in one of the more controversial and
contested areas in Israel. Worth a watch...

[MUSIC] Avery LR - "Never Surrender"

If it's said that an MC's lyrics are the sum total of what 
the artist has experienced, then what Avery LR speaks 
about can arguably consist of the experiences of two 
other people in addition to his own. Avery LR has been 
involved heavily in the underground rap scene for over 
six years as a result of being a witness to a seemingly
unrelenting swath of drug-related violence and poverty
that crushed many from his early years in Landover,
Maryland and in Baltimore. Thanks to the influence of 
his grandmother and then his mother, Avery saw the 
perils and made the decision to move to Salt Lake City,
Utah. It was there where he launched his rap career to
solid appeal.

Avery LR - "Never Surrender"

With "Never Surrender", the latest single from the 
MC's mixtape Surviving, Avery LR weaves a tale of 
defiant determination no matter the circumstances.
It's a steady flow that he displays, with a backdrop
that is slightly operatic but not in an overpowering 
way. This production gives Avery's lyrics a weighty
but conversational feel, letting the listener get a 
calm sense of assurance. With comparisons to notable
vets like Beanie Sigel in terms of his prowess, Avery
LR is poised to be a fixture on the list of names to 
watch out for in the near future.






[ART] Kaitlyn Mikayla 

Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Mikayla

Kaitlyn Mikayla is a photographer who splits time between
both the East and West coast and has a flair for capturing
her subjects in a striking but subdued manner. You can get a
glimpse of more of her work on her website and in this new
Juxtapoz profile.

Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Mikayla


[MUSIC] Jacob Didas - "Lucid"

A person's mind can become a battlefield in some of
the most subtle ways. That fact is more and more
apparent these days as mental health issues take
center stage in the national discussion. As this happens,
music has become a vital way to both discuss and
try to resolve these issues in an empowering way.
With this in mind, Jacob Didas has created a musical
project that details not only his own journey in
confronting these issues but also how he sees the
struggles of others entitled Lucid.

Lucid is a ten-track album that can be defined by the
word "mashup" without it being derisive because that
is what embodies every track. Didas takes jazz, rock,
hip-hop and classical music to knit together songs
that display a message of positivity amid exploration
of the anguish and pain. This is also reinforced by his
other profession of being a psychiatric nurse. The first
track, "Drumroll" evokes a call to arms, with ska tinges
driving the consistent beat along with Didas' lyrics.
"Flight"sounds like the serene moments that may be
found after the terror of being high up with nothing
beneath but air. What Lucid does is put forth another
canvas of self-exploration painted by those who've gone
to areas some can't fathom. The album is available now
through Didas' website.


[MUSIC] KASH - "Feel Like"

A major point behind any artistic endeavor should be
if it will make the listener connect through how good
the project makes them feel. This point can be lost in
the midst of the need to make a “hit”. For KASH, a
rapper who hails from just outside of Durham, North
Carolina(Ayden to be exact), it’s a point he’s determined
to not lose sight of. This can be seen in his latest single,
“Feel Like”. The track starts off with a steady rise that
tingles, and KASH lays down smooth bars with a flow
that takes some influence from Bone Thugs N’ Harmony.
This isn’t lost on many once the chorus kicks in as well.
KASH conveys a picture of his environment that’s devoid
of pretentiousness but doesn’t glamourize, striking a 
fine median that lets listeners settle in for the journey.
For someone up and coming, KASH is delivering himself
like a seasoned pro. Check out the single on his
social media feeds. 


[MUSIC] Kese - "On Me"

Some stick with coffee to give them a shot of energy
for the day. Others gravitate towards the particular
energy drink that’s trending the most. And for others,
the reliable boost can be found in music. One artist
hoping to add to that latter category is Kese, who
hails from Orlando, Florida.

Kese has always been drawn to rap music from a
young age and has demonstrated a unique ear to
create his own style which is a shade more upbeat
than other contemporaries. This stands out on his
debut single, “On Me”. The opening notes crackle
like the first sparks one sees plugging an adapter
into a surge protector, then Kese delivers a series
of lyrics in a mellow tone. What “On Me” does is
convey the usual braggadocio that comes with the
territory of verbal combat in rap, but it does so
with the air of smooth confidence that harkens
back to the days where R&B and rap were fleeting
but rising tag-team partners on the charts. Kese is
set to release his first EP this April, and the single is
available now on iTunes.


[MUSIC] Mr. Stee - "Searching"

The act of searching is part and parcel of the human experience.
This is a fact that’s undeniable and applies to everything we do,
and expressing it can take on many forms. For Mr. Stee, it is
beginning to be best reflected in his music. And it’s also the title
of his second album. For Mr. Stee, this is the first stretch of a
journey in music making that the Vancouver, British Columbia
native began as a guitarist. He often played with his brother, a
bass guitarist, working in the genres of jazz and R&B and funk.
Hip-hop was an interest, but an untimely accident while on
holiday in Indonesia helped him delve deeper into the genre and
commit to making music in that vein. It led to an EP, All Nighter
that scored some buzz and fueled this instrumental project’s 

Listening to Searching, you are immediately brought into a 
state of calm beginning with the first track, “Solstice”. There’s
a keen timing behind each of these tracks, a rhythmic balance
that truly fits in well with whatever one is doing. “Perfume” is
a funky track that pounds against the eardrum thanks to a 
silky bassline. “Flying” is just that - a stirring song that cuts 
through any clouds one might have. Searching overall is a fresh
and enveloping ambient album that is good for anyone’s chosen
journeys in this life. Mr. Stee is making himself out to be a quite
masterful guide and soundtrack creator in this respect. The album
is available now through the artist’s Bandcamp page.