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Undiscovered or under appreciated, either way these are vocalists, artists, & musicians
worth getting to know.




[MUSIC] The Peanut Gallery - "Tales From The Basement" 

With any pre-existing genre of music, there tends to be changes
that take place within the outreach of music artists and groups. 
Whether you choose to use the term "reboot" or "evolution", it 
all becomes a necessary point for those looking to leave a lasting
impression on fans. With The Peanut Gallery, this is also true - the
duo that composes the group is a testament to that. MC's Orlando
and Flee Jones come from different environments - the former being
a former Army soldier with a prep school background and the other
being an orator from the streets he came up in. These two bonded
over their shared love of hip-hop and a desire to help restore some
authenticity that they felt rap had been lacking in after Flee wound
up dating Orlando's sister leading to the two linking up. They would
go on to be part of 5ive, a group that consisted of five members that
fizzled due to internal conflict leaving Orlando and Flee to team up.
Tales From The Basement is their project that they look towards in
making that message clear, right down to the comic-based art that 
the duo is known for - it beckons to fans with an aura of being highly
down to earth.

The Peanut Gallery - "Deep Thoughts"

Tales From The Basement starts out with a montage of clips in 
the intro, before jumping into the bounciness of "Deep Thoughts"
Both MC's employ a flow that is plaintative, but punctuated with
snappy bars that do take influences from both old-school East 
Coast rap artists as well as those who've made names for themselves
from the South. You get a strong sense of this on "Choppers", 
with a distinct 808 thump that gets your neck to snapping. Each
rapper does employ unique characteristics with their flow - Orlando
tends to have more of a whimsy to his bars, coupled with an
aesthetic that's inspired by the kid's show character and popular
meme Arthur. Flee Jones's bars bring up influences from the days
of the Ruff Ryders. This is brought forth with his solo joint "Go"
where you can hear the tautness of his lyrics weave and bob like
a middleweight in the ring. As the album continues, their back and forth
shines in the hilarious track "Made Me Feel Good Today" which 
details the two's escapades at a chicken joint and "Blessings", a
song that speaks to finding the positive on hard roads that may 
lay ahead. The Peanut Gallery are out to make listeners be more
engaged not just in their music but in the world around them, and
this album is a step towards that mission going further. Tales From
The Basement
is available now on iTunes.


Instagram: @_thepeanutgallery1




[MUSIC] Danny Severance & DSCS Live Set at Rockwood Hall

One of the artists we've featured here in our "Seven Pillars"
interview series, Danny Severance, has been building up a 
strong and soulful discography. Check out the latest live set
he and his fellow bandmates put on last month in New York 
City. Find out more about his music right here


[ART] Barbara Kruger's New NYC Art 

Photo Credit: Performa Biennial

Highly respected artist Barbara Kruger is set to unveil new artwork in
New York City this coming November - along with a pointed 
message to one of the world's popular fashion brands.

Kruger has teamed up with the MTA to release limited edition
Metrocards that bear her signature style this week at four 
locations around the city. This is in conjunction with her displaying
new work at the LES Skatepark, as well as on buses and one 
billboard in the West Village. Kruger's style, which utilizes 
pointed questions about issues like consumerism and women's
rights in society, has been renowned for years and has to some
degree been integrated into Supreme's own brand design that has
made people fiend for their gear. Kruger's work is part of the 
Performa17 festival taking place in New York City. 


[ART] Single Fare: A MetroCard Exhibition

Photo Credit: Juxtapoz

This weekend marks the 4th year of Single Fare, an art 
exhibitition that showcases grand art on that tiny transit
card that New Yorkers know all too well. Find out more 
details here about the show at the Highline Stages. 


[MUSIC] Jay Hunna - "Good Ol' Music"

Nostalgia can be effective fuel as well as a prime tool
to connect. With Jay Hunna, hailing from the Midwest
metropolis of Chicago, Illinois, both of those directives
apply in the best way. The MC has been grinding for 
quite some time, and his music represents a robust 
blend of rap influences that he heard while coming of
age in his South Side neighborhood. All of this has been
in preparation for his debut album, Better Days. New
and old listeners can tap into the spirit of his musical
stylings through his recent single and video, "Good Ol'

"Good Ol' Music" is an airy, light track that bounces on 
the eardrums. Jay spits bars in a rhythm that easily
allows you to envision what he's talking about, and 
match that same feeling depending on your mood. 
The video dives into that even more, with the MC just
rolling through the Chi to hit up a record store and 
check out the vinyl of 2PAC, The Notorious B.I.G. and
other greats before hitting the lakeside. This is a neat
and simply nostalgic intro to an artist who is all about
celebrating the spirit of those who paved the way - which
includes his cousin, the late Sandra Bland who lost her
life as a result of police brutality and misconduct two
years ago and is the motivation behind his debut album.
Look out for Better Days on September 8th and get a
chance to hear the single again at his website.





"Bitch Is Golden", 2013. (Photo Credit:Beautiful Decay)

Fay Ku has been weaving a majestic narrative through her
art since 2004. The Taipei, Taiwan-born artists employs the
gongbi (meticulous brush) as the tool of her expression,
mainly on paper. Her work captures moments of those who
are presented as being outside of society redefining themselves
in various moments. Her work has been displayed across 
the nation at various galleries and museum exhibits. Find
out more at her website.


[MUSIC] JOMO - "What I Want" 

Those rappers who want to make tracks that can be regarded
as part of the soundtrack of the streets have to imbue each of
their songs with a certain flair that evokes not only what the 
streets hold but how they managed to hold an observant corner
within them. For JOMO, this means being a lyrical representative
of South Jersey by way of Atlantic City and giving listeners a 
different take as to what lies behind the casinos and the glitz.
JOMO has made a few key moves with his music, with a placement
of one track on the CBS series "JAG" and being part of music 
festivals in the A.C. area including stints at Jay-Z's 40/40 Club.
With a new EP, What I Want, JOMO is looking to add more of 
those notable moves to his repetoire.

What I Want is an assertive and humble collection, kicking off
with a subdued but stylish track that bears the same name as
the lead. JOMO has a flow that's laid-back which serves him well
over all as he spits about having the ambition to get up and out
off of the streets. Throughout the EP, that flow is highly apparent.
There's an uptempo energy that kicks in to balance it out, mainly
heard on "Cocky" with a feel not unlike that heard from G-Unit.
Although there's one or two points where the production feels
a bit mismatched to take away from the energy such as "Clap",
this EP is a solid stepping stone for JOMO to further reach that
lofty spot he's been grinding towards. The EP is available now 
through his Bandcamp page listed below.




[ART] Alexis Eke

Alexis Eke is a talented illustrator on the rise, hailing from Toronto,
Canada. An artistic challenge prompted her to churn out work, and
the results have been striking in their mixture of influences from 
today's rap greats to some 1970's Afrocentric color palettes. Check
out more of her work on her Instagram page and pick up a print right


[MUSIC] Niker Groze - "Shake That Booty"

It's summertime, so you definitely are getting your playlists
in order for all that the season brings - but some of you may
be taking a little bit longer to build that out. But there's one
artist that wouldn't mind being added to that list, and makes 
a firm case with a single that has an abundant amount of fun
in it. Niker Groze is that artist, and he hails from Toronto, Canada.
That single? "Shake That Booty".

Niker Groze has been at this rap game for a little bit,
and has put together a single that's all about making 
people tap into their inner joy. You can see that plainly
in the visuals for the track that incorporates a little bit
of a vibe similar to LMFAO and Mac Miller. Niker employs
a distinct amount of witticism, nothing too boastful over
an EDM-influenced beat with enough bass to make the
hips gyrate. With an entry like this, Groze might be one
to kick in a little bit of extra fun to playlists for quite a while.



[ART] Occupied In Bethlehem

FWTV took a trip to get an in-depth look at the infamous
Banksy's hotel located in one of the more controversial and
contested areas in Israel. Worth a watch...