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A showcase of amazing women who balance beauty & intellectual brilliance.
In short.  They shine.


[INTERVIEW] Serena Williams x FADER 

The supreme Serena Williams gets the cover
of the latest issue of FADER Magazine. Check
out the piece right here


[TV/ENTERTAINMENT] "Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel'le" Trailer

Lifetime Movie Network’s next film promises
to spark some dialogue. Surviving Compton:
Dre, Suge & Michel’le is a biopic that tells the
true story of Michelle Toussaint, the singer who
rose to fame as the “First Lady Of Ruthless
Records” in the ‘90’s. Here, we get a look into
the abuse she suffered at the hands of Dr. Dre
and her struggles with that on top of bad business
dealings. The movie will air on the network on
October 15th. 


[TV/ENTERTAINMENT] Lauryn Hill On "Austin City Limits"

Yes, Ms. Hill is delivering on the latest episode of the 
PBS music event series. Here’s two performances, one
of which is only for those on the web. You can check
the full show out this upcoming Sunday on your local
affiliate network.




[VIDEO] Georgia Anne Muldrow - 'Pop Iconz'

Popular singer/producer Georgia Anne
Muldrow has made a name for herself
and her creative stylings for years either
on her own or with Stones Throw Records.
In this new video, she calls out the growing
corporate movements that depend on
taking advantage of the youth. In her own

We as parents have to walk a very fine line between being
watchful and overprotective of what our kids are exposed to
…and that job is being made even more difficult by the
hyper-sexual, consumerist and vain aesthetic packed with
visual associations that are intentionally targeting the pre-teen
generation. I’m placing the blame on the corporate agenda that
abuses the minds and souls of talented or even aspiring artists.

To represent an awareness that is willfully avoidant of self-realization
is the bottom line for these influencers of consciousness; if someone’s
life goals are completely external his/her mind can easily be subdued
and controlled.

Art means too much to me, i ain’t having it.


[SPORTS] Mo'ne Davis Pitches Her Team to The Little League World Series

Last night, Mo’ne Davis became a truly
great story as she led her Taney Dragons
from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to the
Little League World Series last night. The
12 year-old pitcher threw a three hit
shutout against the Delaware team,
enabling her to be the 17th girl to play
in the late summer classic. 


[NEWS] Malala Heads To Nigeria to Aid the Bring Back Our Girls Campaign

Malala Yousafazai speaks to The Telegraph in
advance of her trip to Nigeria to speak with
President Goodluck Jonathan and other groups
in efforts to help bring back the girls abducted
by the extremist Boko Haram group. 


[VIDEO] Lupita Nyong'o Braiding Hair

The actress talks about her love of 
braiding hair with a few friends and
Vogue Magazine in this video. 


[ENTERTAINMENT] Audra McDonald Speaks On Winning Her Sixth Tony Award

Audra McDonald speaks to the awaiting press
after capturing her historic sixth Tony Award
last evening. (Thanks to Gold Derby for the


[TV] Maya Rudolph Speaks to Ellen Degeneres About Her Variety Show

The comedienne speaks to Ellen on her show
and the process in bringing it to NBC.


[NEWS] Farewell, Yuri Kochiyama

The world reeled a bit late yesterday evening with the 
news that prominent Japanese-American freedom fighter
Yuri Kochiyama made her transition in Berkley, California
at the age of 93. Kochiyama dedicated her life to activism
early on after she & her family were detained in a WWII
internment camp, where she met her late husband, Bill
Kochiyama. They soon moved to New York City and
took up the cause of fighting for civil rights living among
their Black and Latino neighbors. That led Yuri to working
with Black Nationalists and Malcolm X. A fateful alliance
that ended with his assasination and Yuri running to him
at that moment, cradling his head in her lap. She was a
staunch activist from that point for the rights of all people
and an inspiring figure for all Americans, if not all citizens
of the globe.

Here are a few clips of Yuri Kochiyama imparting her

Yuri on her WWII Internment experience and
her association with Malcolm X for Democracy Now

Yuri Kochiyama ‘Freedom Is A Constant Struggle’


Yuri Kochiyama at Laney College, 2002.