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Do You

I am an outcast. A stuck up do gooder. I’ve never been a “player”. I never held
down a block. I never felt a need go to the local watering hole and buy the latest
liquor concoction. ( Shouts out to the Diddy and the Coco Loso). Yet I am still able
to function as a member of the hood. Desperately trying to help a community that
at times doesn’t want to change. Funny still . I am a firm believer of the “do you”
concept. Its a free country, do what you wanna. Only you as an individual can take
the brunt of the consequences of your actions.

Still, i can’t help but feel that full understanding of the outcomes are not seen. 
Maybe just not heeded.  Why would you want to go to jail or be eternally
linked to a less than desirable person through the bond of wedlock? Are you
just waiting for death? It’s sad when coming up you feel ashamed or not part
of the crowd when your parents are STILL together.

Who plants these ideas? Why are they so widely accepted?

Why are these views seen in my community as a rite of passage?

Why is this status quo?

Here’s a few things you should ask yourself if you are a “victim of the hood”.

1-Why is there so much garbage in the hood? Is it that the sanitation dept
forgets your block or is it because you and a pal discarded a half eaten
carton of Chinese food on the street?

2-Why do so many Koreans and Arabs have corner store biz? Is it because
they won’t give you a small biz loan or is your ego too big to serve your
community as a lowly store owner?

3-Does seeding up chicks make you a man? Everyone loves sex but how
many times do we have to hear the condom broke? Really? REALLY?

4-Are you getting blooded up and raising blood drops for the sake of your
peers or is it for the benefit of your child? If it is for protection please let
me know from who? It will not be from themselves.

5- ( This is a doozey ) Why do you blame the white man for all your
problems? Why are you reactive instead of proactive if his knee is on
your neck? Don’t talk about it be about it.

If you can’t answer these questions without getting upset or ready to
fight congratulations you are going to jail for selling your baby mama
drugs while drunk off of Coco Loso. The trifecta! If you genuinely want
change it starts with one not following the Status Quo. Man up! Do you!

— Posted Live From The Outside World


The Donald

The following blog was written in a fit of rage after watching the news or
whatever you call it today. They say they are responsible reporters. Let's
see. This is Stress' view and does not entirely reflect the views of other
members of this site. But if they agree, so be it.

Out of all people I didn't expect one of the premier entrepreneurs of our
generation to be a birther. For those not familiar,  a Birther is a term
to describe the people of this country who still believe Barack Obama
was not born in this country. Donald Trump, in his attempt to test the
waters for a possible presidential run, has been on any show that will
give his hair piece airtime, tackling such tough issues as this and the
Iraq war. He is determined to right the US back on the path of hope,
freedom, and trickle down economics. More recently, he was quoted
saying he had a good relationship with "the blacks". (LOL)  I quickly
rewound the DVR to make sure I heard it correctly. What is this 1971?
 The Blacks? Who are the blacks? What good relationship have you had
with them other than in boxing in your casinos or cleaning your villa?
Pardon me Mr. Trump but fuck you!  Do me a favor, keep on with your
1 percent class hysteria. Keep opening your mouth telling on yourself
and your warped ideals. We will see you for the man you are.

Ps Curtis Sliwa you get the dick for saying Trump's use of the term
"The Blacks" is a "non issue". Eventhough you did dismiss him as an
attention seeker, it's people like you who help ( i said help, because
I know this can be used against me) perpetuate the negative sociological
dogma that is being attached to "the blacks". I hope they shoot that
Gotti movie on your mothers block you waste.

-- Posted Live From The Outside World



10-The Rise of Hip Pop
Last year I wrote about autotune not knowing the evolution of Hip Pop had arrived.
I realized it when I saw young white girls crying because someone bilked them out
of money for a Nicki Minaj concert. (Nozzle to mouth pulls trigger.)

9-Kanye and Jay Z conspiracy
I haven’t seen such blatant black man ripping since Obama’s birth certificate
was put into question. Now I listen to all theories on the new world order, but do
you really think the old white men would let Kanye and Jigga  Man into their elite
club of world domination and world economy tinkering?  If anything it is another
ploy by old white men to yet again tear down successful black men. No? Prove me
otherwise. Until then, I don’t buy it.

8-No Sag Campaign
I realized this year that I really fund these asshole politicians and their asinine
and mostly misguided campaigns against public indecency.  I’d much rather they
start a campaign for police sensitivity training than a monitor for the annual teenage
fad. Thanks for wasting your time and tax payer money Senator Adams.

7-The WTC Mosque Controversy.
Remember this ? It was all the talk of the nation this year. The outrage over
the audacity Muslim worshipers having a place to practice their faith so close
to Ground Zero and the tittie bar. Guess what? After all that hubbub and Koran-burning
threats, they are still building it. Where are all those angry Americans now?

6-Fantasia’s Suicide Attempt
Watt D Fok! Fantasia, I remember being moved listening to sing on AI. I
thought you would take it to the game. But like many of our entertainers you
have to keep it real. Did you not learn from Dave Chappelle? Leave the hood
alone. Shit. Why must you go out of your way to prove how down you are.
Sad thing it didn’t work and you found yourself like the female Jaheim. So
what do you do to gain the attention of the audience you lost? You fake a
suicide. Ok maybe not fake, just a poorly attempted suicide. Shit the next
week she was on Oprah hyping her album. It’s a miracle!  Redemption in
a week. Yesssssss.

5-Technics Turntables Being Discontinued ( Stress’ Personal Beef)
I blame all you fake laptop DJ’s out there. Learn your craft and stop giving
away the secrets of hip hop you worthless sacks of camel balls.

4-The Democratic Party
Thanks for giving the president your undivided support. Now that you no longer
have the majority in the House, lets see how much your issues will be valued. Nice
way to back up you party’s leader. With your bickering about health care reform, WTC
Worker payouts and the tax break and unemployment extension, lets see how much
Obama has to ultimately bend. It’s like having T.O. on your already struggling squad,
with a proven superstar. ( sorry Bengals.) For shame, for fronting like all citizen needs
are being addressed when you all are worried about keeping your jobs. Cause let’s face
it, unemployment stats are harsh. Dust off them resumes Dems.

3-Soulja Boy caught loving up Kat Stacks
Oh dis nigga here. Not only was your swag severely gimped when you was caught huggin
up with this chick, but your age showed through. Listen lil g ( and I use that loosely) stop
hugging up these birds. You got burnt by the video and probably in the pants. She outed
your cocaine use, while you was in the bathroom. Wasn’t she on a HIV positive dating site.
Hoax? Do u really want to take a chance? Sorry fam. My love muscle is going now where
near that chick. As for you and yours. GO SEE THE DOCTOR!!!!!!!

2-The Sarah Palin Show
This is why other countries don’t like us. The majority of us are fuckin stupid. With
our toy dogs and complaining about the lack of cashiers at Starbucks. Then we let
our politicians play with our minds by watching them have potato sack races and
murder turkeys… Wait wrong footage. Anyway, if you do not see through this attempt
for party influence, u my friend are a sheep.

1-President Obama Hating
Ok. I know people who legitimately did not like Obama as a leader before
he came to term. Still I wonder would we have been better off with McCain
and Palin?’ Let’s look at the good Obama has done. Bailed out the tanking
economy, Universal healthcare passed, set up a nuclear peace treaty with
Russia, do ask don’t tell in the sack ( couldn’t resist), gave tax extensions
to the rich but got unemployment extended …. Lets face it this guys a fucking
rockstar. Well, to the rest of the world. Not here. Here he is another black guy
trying to prove validity in his decisions because he is inherently unfit to lead.
Oh and black folk tearing him down, good job. You are the reason there are
no “valid” black politicians. I would run for public office but I’d have to remove
the daggers from my back. Sensibility dies yet again.



Back Stack

Hey remeber the days when you had to work for something.  You don’t?
Then chances are, you are part of Generation Y that mom didn’t swallow.
They follow the Leon PhelpsPhilosophy. They will have sex and something
randomly will happen. Now before you read in to that as some coservative
prude talking to you I’ll make it clear that there is nothing better than beating
up new talent. But it seems like a jumpboard to celebrity.

Tiger’s porn star mistress held a press conference after his first public apology
because she wanted him to apologize. Like a phone call wouldn’t suffice. Jesse
James’ Fuhrer chick got hit up to do porn and is now hosting parties in Vegas.
So are the other chicks. Spitzer’s piece is in the May 2010 Playboy. (well she’s
kinda sexy anyway). But the one that takes the cake is Kate Gosselin. This chick
is making the early charges of greed and need for fame, bought up by her former
slave John, look feasible. Playboy. Really? What happen to the wholsome mom
raising 8 kids? Ok I could let Dancing with the Stars slide. That show is tailored
to extend celebrity.  Get that check!  But even Heff had to put a stop to her madness.
Why in the name of all that is sane would you put your 8 kids throught that anyway.
Aren’t they fuct for life after this overly publicized divorce anyway?  “Mommy
why is your boonki in the magazine?”. I can only imagine what is next. She’ll
start to date A-Rod or have an affair with John Tesh. If I was the hubby I’d let her
hang herself. Remeber dude you are the villian here. Keep your douchey-ness to a
minimum. And stop tryna bone models. You are a thirty something balding reality slut.

Now with creating celebrity we were introduced to Montana Fishburne recently.
Daughter to Mr.Black Actor God himself Larry, she shocked the world by announcing
her career in porn. She quickly defended her current career path as a gate way into
acting. Really? So having the Fishburne last name isn’t enough? Mr. Marcus’ dick has
the nectar of Hollywood success shooting out of it? Maybe acting classes and actually
listening to your superstar pops might help. Something for nothing means nothing,
emptiness, instant gratification with a huge sustainability drop off. A firm foundation
always builds a better house.

Let’s keep it “real”.  Porn stars have more class than you. At least they work to
be porn stars.

Oops as I write this I am watching a TMZ story on how the porn star present at
Charlie Sheens drunken night in Gotham is suing him for a million. I take that
previous statement back.

— Posted Live From The Outside World


Don't Pat Me Bro

Remember 9/11. We hear that often. People wave flags and pat backs and
congratulate rescuers and praise the lives of those that have perished that
day. Yet nowadays it seems like the freedoms we have relinquished for the
safety of our citizens are debated yet again. Let me explain.

The TSA has new x-ray devices at the airport designed to view everything on
your person as clear as day. (Think of the x-ray vision we all wish we shared
with Superman). These freaking things pick up everything down to schlong
and boob size. Pretty intrusive huh? But it is a necessary evil to provide safety
on aircraft post 9/11. Your alternative is a TSA pat down. Sounds better, right? 
Wrong ! Some are up in arms about being subjected to a pat down. It's humiliating.
Humiliating? To whom? Everyone is getting one or the other. Again an ugly reality
shows itself in policy change.

Humiliating. I thought of the several pat downs I received when I was a teen
even to now as a 33 year old man. Mostly just for having the unfortunate luck
of being born into an inner city borough and for having suspicious ingrained in
my DNA. Humiliating is going to the store for groceries only to be stopped and
frisked in front of passerby's. Humiliating is being frisked on a busy Queens street
for double parking. Wrong yes. Deserved? I leave that for you to answer when you
enter the gate and have to decide which  security procedure you want to "humiliate"
yourself with. I mean it's not necessary now, is it?

-- Posted Live From The Outside World



There has been speculation that there will be a major event on December
2012. I know it is half apocalypse half balderdash. Funny. I wasn't really into
end of the world rhetoric. In fact I am one of the most skeptical dudes you
would ever meet. But even I cannot ignore the signs of my world going to
he'll in a hand basket. I will break this past years events down to sort of
shed some light on how Sarah Palin or ( insert conservative nut job here)
will be President in 2012.

1) I've always wondered why there were only 2 major parties in government.
To me that seems asinine to regulate a human beings' multiple views into two
vehicles where you place a funneled allegiance.  Enter the rise of the Tea Party,
a powerful well organized ultra conservative party. Call it ignorance but how
did they get so powerful under a year? Who's funding them?  And who's America
are they taking back? Where did their America go?

2) The past midterm elections was very sad. The democrats have relinquished
power in the House of Representatives which is a huge blow to the Obama
administration. He will now actually now have to shmooze with enemy to get
things passed. Even harder now that he has opposition in his own party. (way
to back your party see point 1) The fact of the matter is enthusiasm that people
felt in voting for our first black president ended in 2008. It is perfectly clear to
me now that most of Obama's backing came from voters who either are not
knowledgable of the workings of government or just wanted a black president.
Those same voter dropped the ball of not coming out to vote for there local
officials to ease the passing of their president's policies. It was your job to
vote to keep YOUR president in full power. Which leads me to my next point.

3)Dancing with The Stars. Bristol Palin's weak dancing ass beat out Brandy
in the head to head battle royale on primetime TV. I really don't watch it but
an interesting dynamic is emerging in front of our eyes and most of us do not
realize it. Since it's birth on MTV reality TV has captured the minds and hearts
of it's viewers. Unfortunately  the not known to most of the viewers is that the
event are partially, if not entirely, scripted. With the millions tuning in to watch
DWTS we are seeing "reality" being authored to serve a purpose.  An often
personal one. The senior Palin introduced her own "reality" show I'm sure with
hopes of gaining the hearts and minds of real everyday Americans....which
excludes me and brown people like me.

It's not racist... it's...reality. And the truth is ugly. Life is not scripted into
comical situations where at the end of the episode life is good for all involved.
Just once I'd like to see myself have the existence that I have seen on TV
since I was a child. But I do not. I have reality TV in the form of day to day
life. Often controlled by people who struggle to control a fabricated life....just
to make it seem there is something I can somehow achieve, if I vote for you
of course.

Armageddon? Maybe not. Rise of stupidity? Eminent.

-- Posted Live From The  Outside World


"Runaway" Review

This Saturday MTV aired Kanye's flashy, artistic "Runaway" mini
movie/video.  In it Kanye plays himself ( ha ) in a story in which
he finds a fallen Phoenix. Of course no one but him sees the ball of
fire before it hits the ground, because he out in Europe somewhere
driving the country side. Gotta love rappers. Anywho, the phoenix
turns out to be a smoking hot model who loves nature and moving
erotically to the musical stylings of Mr. West. Yes.... Mr West wifes her.
The video then takes a turn to the nature of humans in dealing with 
things that are new and different. People stop and stare at them as
a couple. One acquaintance even suggests to Kanye to keep her with
her kind. This and other dialogue, which was scarce, reinforced the
theme of mankind destroying things that are different. Clearly reflecting
Mr. West's thoughts of himself and the world over the last year's events.

One analogy that caught me was the phoenix's explanation of why she
has to leave. She said that the statues were Phoenix that turn into stone.
At first I said to myself, "What is this bitch talking bout?" Then I started to
think. Most statues on earth are memorials to trailblazers of a certain time.
Usually trailblazers in life are ridiculed, punished, or even beaten or killed.
It not until years after their death that they become great in stature by a
majority. We as humans erect monuments to give them the praise or love
they deserved in life. Take the scene with the Michael Jackson float in the
parade. It was tribute to a man who was different and was persecuted
most of his adult life even when no evidence of wrongdoing was found.
That fact has not changed even after death.

Artistically the video had it's moments of Hype Williamsness. ( Shit I wish
I can cue an explosion to walk away from without turning back. Just once.)
I was most impressed with the title track "Runaway". The use of the ballerinas
was superior. I have a knew found respect for ballerinas. Their movements
and choreography stretched the limits of your senses as you try to figure out
if they are really moving in slow motion or if it is a camera trick. Either way
the sheer talent caught on film was graceful as it was forceful. Two thumbs
up for that. As far as Kanyes acting, well if he could have kept to just facial
expressions and stayed away from dialog, it would have not such a campiness
towards the end. Loosen up fam.

In all it was a strong outing and I would like to see Kanye do more films. He
does have an eye for style and imagery. One suggestion...story development.
I understood the story but the transitions were a bit rough. A tighter timeline,
fore-fronting cause and effect could could have made this strong outing a classic.
Verdict.....Feed Me!

Ps - If you are wondering that is a good thing.

-- Posted Live From The Outside World


Too Good For The Hood?

When did it all go wrong?

Remember when we celebrated when someone from our fuct up
neighborhood made it big? “That’s my cousin”, “he used to buy honeybuns
in this bodega!’ I often wonder what stories would arise about me if I went
on to greatness. “remember when dat ni**a Stress found out his girl was
cheating on Labor Day by seeing her at the block party hugged up?”
“Stress? Dat ni**a lived here?”

It’ll probably go as such. But in an effort not to make light of a sickening
trend I would like to focus on why people do this. Why do we tear people
down after they “make it”? Are you that self-lothing that you would project
your misery in the form of malicious rumors? I remember hearing stories
of Swizz Beats getting robbed when he came back to the hood. (Yeah K Swiss.
I’m from yo’ hood.) I often wonder how authentic these rumors are. ‘Cause
not for nothing some dudes just like to see you doing as bad as them.

Hood people, how ‘bout we support those that got out, stop acting like they
are the great white knight and get up get out and get something. It amazes
me how many “hustlers” need a hand. Really? Thought you extra wavey, why
you asking for help? Seems to me that these dudes lack the adaptibilty of the
world hustle and they can’t seem to get off the block.This is another thing that
keeps hood folk in the hood. They feel guilt for leaving the others behind. They
are told that they are bougie if they don’t come back. Why the fuck should you?!?!

And why should you keep it real? Shit. Real life goes on in the hood without
you when you are not around, does it start when you are there? GTFOOHWTBS!
Listen hood folk thinking of leaving. Leave! Don’t look back. Don’t feel guilty.
You made it to a better place to have better life choices. Let the mystical hood
misery mentality influence those whoever subscribe to that self loathing lifestyle.

My boys are gonna say dudes ain’t gonna like me for this one. I say good. Stop
fucking with me. Bad energy is not needed in my cypher. Cause I’m focused on
getting the fuck outta here. Now excuse me while I chase away the bikers
fucking up my mamas roses.

— Posted Live From The Outside World


Wack is Here To Stay

I can officially say that I’m old. Why? Cause I don’t get it. I’ve been DJ’n
for 15 yrs and this is the first summer where everything popular I’m playing
would never reach my iPod. In the past one or two songs would slide by
and get the nod. But 2010 I’m officailly over rap music. It is currently at a
stage where it doesn’t know whether to go pop or change all together.
Singing rappers is the thing now. Which is fine. But what’s with these
other dudes that repeat the same corny line and call it a hook. Or sound
off beat and call it playable product. Waka what the fuck? Soulja boy and
Gucci mane? Are you kids that hopped up off of zannies to realize you
are being made fun of? Yes made fun of. While you are busting your ass
tryna survive in this economy, these fools are getting rich off of you and
giving you subpar effort in creating music. They say it to you all the time.
The talk about how much shit they got and how you got none of it. Lol.
They talkin to you nigga!  These dudes are hustling you with flashy beats and
low content. Call me a hater…fine. Before I would have challenged that brain
dead, broad ass response. But now fuck it. I officially hate your music. It sucks.
It has no worth. It is damaging hip hop’s role in the music history.
Degenerating it to a flash in the pan fad. You guys are fuckin idiots and
I’ll say it to you if I met you. It’s not a south thing it’s an effort thing. Act
like you got some resposibility and give Hip Hop a classic.

Ps- I personally hold the Jah Rule phenomenon resposible for letting wack
rappers appear dope and it being cool. Thanks for leaving the door open Mr. Gotti.

— Posted Live From The Outside World



I feel I’m doing my part in society by expressing the views of those
who can’t speak through this medium. Even when writing these tirade
laden posts I have to think how my words will effect my reader. Yes I
want to get my point across but I also don’t want to mislead the reader
into something false and unfair. Ok, I can see how you can say, “Fam it’s
a blog. This shit is all opinion.” I will agree. But I’d like to think my opinions
are based on some logical, well-thought out base theory. Mostly common

Due to the speed of which information is spread these days I don’t think
people understand the power they possess. Today you can tell every person
you have met in your life to either eat pizza or fuck off. 15 years ago that
would be  a lot of phone calls. So how do you go about conducting yourself
over these self intrusive networks? Easy. As my college communication
professor would tell me cut the electronic umbilical cord. Man up bitches
and don’t answer.

This applies to all forms of communication especially social networking
sites.  If you must. Click the like button. Show reserve on commenting
on Sherry’s mothers table cloth dress. Hard to do isn’t it? I know. I’m
the worst offender. I comment on everything from bad wigs to tooth decay.
So I saw the difference when I stopped participating. Less comment on my
page trickling down to less interaction and desire to contact me about nothing.
This rule can work on phones to. Don’t answer. I will stare at a ringing cell.
Why do I want to be so accessable? Am I legally obligated to be on the other
side of the line when someone calls? I laugh when someone tells me they
called and I didn’t answer. Fuck yeah! So I’m supposed to stop laying dudes
down in COD2 so you can blab about nothing? You, my friend are impeding
on my rights. My favorite is ” I texted you. Why didn’t you respond?”.
Really? The fuck I look like a Justin Beiber Twitter following preteen?

Dare to be different and stop sucking on the “look at me” teet of social networking.