Friday, January 9, 2015 at 10:37PM

There were so many things to talk about this year.
That’s why this list is a week and a half overdue.
IDGAF fashion, I narrowed the herd down to the top
10 things that made me say GTFOOHWTBS.


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10 - Ebola

I mean where is it? I was supposed to be hunting for
Twinkies in burned out gas stations while fending off
hoards of Ebola-infected zombies. Oh….the mid term
elections are over? My bad. I guess using big, bad
Africans for profit still works in 2014.

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9 - Wendy Williams Aaliyah Lifetime Special

What a shit show. Not only did the backlash of the
“unofficial” moniker and lead actress drama foreshadow
its flaying, Timbo’s Twitter rants trended Wendy into the
depths of the web troll hole. God don’t like ugly. I respect
your professionalism on the radio but this here…..
You deserved. Which leads me to….. 

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8 - Wendy Williams Denying Knowing Charlemagne the God 

REALLY?!?! Wendy lost cool points with me by denying
knowing her longtime co-host Charlemagne the God. Wendy,
you can’t fool me. I’m NY to the core and I remember your first
day on Kiss FM. You must have gotten Hollywood on us little people. 
I listened to you both break the Kim Kardashian sextape scandal. I
heard you both. How dare you deny him and or his credibility in the 
world of broadcast media. Now i’m questioning certain events with
a former intern. Get that blind item Manchick!!!

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7 - Don Sterling

I applaud this man for being the plantation owner he is by
telling his 20 something biracial bimbo not to sully his rep
by associating with the help. She can bang ‘em, just don’t
take pictures with them.  (can’t make this up)  Thank you
for exposing the views of the rich and powerful which were
already in plain sight. Jump Higher Darky!!!!  

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6 - Drake vs Puff

So Drake caught a jammie from Puff and all I can think
of is how both their names remind me of pastry. Sweet
niccas. Rumor has it it was over the beat for ‘0 to 100’. Eh
whatever…doubt Puff would’ve made a better track. That
beat is a crutch, it would make Bobby Schmurda Rakim. 


5 - Faux News…. yeah again 


Your level of poor reporting, race baiting, ideal sowing,
ultra-antagonistic and speculative reporting knows no
bounds or morals for that matter. How dare you call
yourself a reputable news channel? They are masters
of fear based storytelling and rarely give light to an
opinion’s (AN OPINION IN NEWS!?!?) other side. Opinions
have no place in giving the public a story. It’s irresponsible
and self profiting. Wondering who the self is. Don’t agree?
Refer to the War of the Worlds broadcast of 1938. Fair and
Balance deez nuts.


4 - US Justice system 

I hate the fact this list is super political but it’s hard to ignore
the bullshit the U.S. Justice system feeds the public. Never before
in the history of the US has the quirks of justice been so clear.
If you are rich and powerful you get a slap on the wrist. If you
are poor and get killed by someone in law enforcement you were
probably in the wrong. No questioning of law enforcements 
actions proved to be a powder keg this past year.

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3 - TI / Iggy vs Snoop

So Iggy gets salty over the OG Snoop’s comment on
twitter. You know what you do? Take it and keep moving.
But she attempts to get at Snoop and vice versa, only to
be mediated by her handler TI. So it’s squashed right? Nope.
Iggy continues to blast Snoop after that. TI should have kept
his dog on a leash even after the homey Snoop respected his
money. Snoop I hope you pull TI to the side. TI you a sucker for this…

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2 - Ass Implants

So this is a thing. How ‘bout eating some Kennedy’s Fried
Chicken 5 days out of a 7 day week. Curiosity speaking,
how does it feel when you broads sit down or take a shit?
I’m an ass man myself but hygiene comes to mind when
that junk hangs out the trunk.

1 - Ferguson

So many ways to shit a bed. From the initial incident
to the handling of the grand jury. I could say so much,
but will only say to the Ferguson Police GET THE FUCK

Other things that needed to GTFOOH:

-Surprise to the ending of Future and Ciara, & Wiz and Amber Rose’s relationships (Really?)

-Pat Lynch - MassHole.

-Cliven Bundy - How is this guy still alive?

-Sharknado 2 - Even though I cracked up watching it. Baked Goods man.

-Taylor Swift Ambassador….to NYC - I’m moving to Nashville.

-Shmurda arrested for Drugs and Murder. - God speed young man.

-5 Points Demolition - Fuck you NEW New York.

-Poilice Militarization - If I see a Hummer with a 50 cal mounted on Boston Road I’m riding!

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