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A Letter to Senator Eric Adams

Sen. Adams,

First I would like to say I have long watched your career and I am a
supporter of you and your policies. At first I was hesitant to hear what
you had to say on issues in the community but I see that maybe your
ideals are not misguided and you really do care about my community.
When I say my community I mean the young African American community.
You see sir, I am a hard working college grad still living in the heart of
the Bronx. I could have left a long time ago, but this is home. And I see
the social issues you are addressing head on. Namely, the “NO SAG”

At first , I rolled my eyes and thought to myself, “ Is this another C.
Delores Tucker alienating a generation because of a waving finger?”
But being older now I see that you mean well, but you are a bit out of
touch with the” head on” tactics. To be clear, I as well do not like seeing
the ass cheeks of our young men, and think it is very foolish and degrading
to our people. But I feel the mainstream subconscious spin will not reach the
youth. Let me suggest a few tactics for reaching the youth.

1-     Go where they are first. – Don’t bum rush them on TV. Do you think
you will gain enemies or friends by declaring war on the “sag”? Instead of a
press conference with all local media, go national Senator! 106 and Park, MTV,
the kids are there. I’m sure when they realize the origins of the trend you will
reach more of them. Honey NOT vinegar sir .

2-     After the kids are behind you and they see that they you are on their side,
and want to help them change their opportunistically barren surroundings, the
ideas of change will spread.

3-     Commit Senator. Our community already does not trust politicians. To see
another person in power start a program with a high buzz and then forget about
it is a momentum killer. Our community problems are deeper than most, and
the commitment to the issues are potentially life long.

Again, I’m not in the business of tearing down what you are doing. You were on
the front lines on the streets of NY and now in Washington. You are our voice.
I just have concern with the portrayal of you in the eyes of our future and to
those outside your party pointing and laughing.  Bottom line the kids need
someone to believe in and need not to be spoken down to. God Bless, and
good luck on your future endeavors.  



Train Etiquette

Living in New York you have to succumb to a few necessary evils. One
such Pandora’s box is the NYC Subway system. A serious rider for 20 + years,
I’ve seen it all. It still bugs me to this day people do shit on the train, which in
their mind, they consider acceptable. Here are a few scenarios which I have
actually seen and experienced that will help you think about your actions.

Grooming: NY is nonstop hustle. So I can understand an occasional lotion
break or eye boogie check. Once you start applying makeup such as mascara
and compound you start to head into that gray area. Shaving, WTF? Hair combing,
not near me. Spare me your cooka bugs. Nail filing and clipping, do that shit at
home for real. Bottom line if you can leave parts of your body behind DON’T DO IT!

Seat etiquette: Some NYers lack common sense. Case and point,
pregnant women and the crowded train. Don’t be a dick, give her your seat. In
defense of some of you guys be wary of the chicks with big guts. Their lack of
Pilates training will have you giving up your well earned seat.

Next, the fat guy and the three seater. If a fat dude is on one end and
someone is one the other end, do not squeeze in between ‘em. Stand.
You are just making a slightly uncomfortable ride unbearable for three people.
Furthermore, if your ass is the size of two asses do NOT squeeze your ass into
the space of one butt cheek. PLEASE!  It kills me how some woman envision
themselves as slim assed. They sit on you with a butt cheek on your hip then
look at you like YOU sat there. Bitch get your fat ass up. You know better.

Lastly my pet peeve. I unfortunately have broad shoulders so sitting next to
me on a crowed train sucks. I try to sit next to the end so I only have to deal
with one person. But I still get the asshole who thinks you can miraculously
shrink your self. So they squeeze then end up laying on you. I always elbow
shove to the front and lean forward to let them know I’m no fuckin’ mattress.

Drug use: Ho Lee Shit. Let me tell you I’ve seen everything from line snorting
to drinking binges. I don’t care what you do. Just don’t fuck with me or my

Smells: Most people wash there ass. But some don’t. Please wash. Sour milk
breathon the guy next to you is not pleasant but understandable. But if you
stink to high hell do not get on. That’s all. Gum & deodorant. Do us and
yourself a favor.

As you can see I could go on but I think this will be a growing experience.
‘Till next time.


The Black Guy

Racism in America Ep.One
Courtesy of Reckless Tortuga

It has happened to the best of us. You are in the office and you
overhear a conversation. To colleagues are discussing a mundane
event and one mentions a name. ” John”, “John who?”, ” Black John.”
“oh Black John”. Look I’m not gonna get into a tirade about labels
with this one. Lord knows I’ve done it. But one thing that is inescapable
is the fact that is if you are the only man of color in the office you will be
labeled as ‘the black guy.’

Now with this being said there are certain things that some folks feel is
acceptable which are not. To help both parties I’ve created a cheatsheet:

1- High fives, giving skin, fist bumps with optional blow it ups, are not
acceptable if not initiated by the black guy.

2-Assuming basketball is the sport of choice. The black guy might be a
hockey phenom but a misguided comment might void his appearance on
the company team.

3- Race jokes. We don’t like race jokes about anyone but white guys. And
when we say that we mean mostly Republican, backwoods, rednecks.
AKA Klansmen.

4- Assuming our highest level of education is High School.  (personal pet peeve)
Can’t count how many times people look at me surprised when they hear I have
a college education. WTF?!!!

5- The angry black man. Ok this one is tricky. Black men, please practice resolve
in the office. It’s nonthreatening when a white guy gets mad in the cubicle but
for some reason 911 gets called when we raise our voices. Can’t call it. I’ve seen
it many times. White guys just walk away and allow themselves to be cool. So,
Black guys leave and take a walk.

As a worthy note to my brothers: You will be blamed for things. I know in an
office setting blame placing is commonplace. Even more so if you’re the black
guy. Sorry to tell some of my good white friends this but the odds are not in
our favor. I’ve been in situations where I was blamed for things months after
I have moved on. Really? How to handle this? CYA. (cover your ass). Best policy
in the book. They can’t sink you if your arguement is air tight.

If you are new to the corporate workforce and are reading this I hope you take
these things to heart.

— Posted Live From The Outside World


The Boyfriend Play Date

As some of you may know I’ve been single for about a
year and have been dating. I have whittled the worthy down
to one and we’ve been seeing more of each other. Now in
situations where there is just an occasional romp no one in
either parties circles are involved. Or need to be in that matter.
But that shit is out the window once you cross into the boyfriend
zone. She talks to her friends about you. They get curious then all
of a sudden a event materializes where your first appearance as
a couple is scheduled. Jeez.

So there you are a room full of women and their significant others.
Some of whom have been forced to show up.

I scanned the room, and I notice the classic glances of ” WTF am I
doing here”. One guy in on his BB, another checking scores to the
Knicks game, me looking at the artwork on the walls. Boredom starts
to set in once the girls forget we are even there and tell stories of events
we dare not ask any details about. Then the pivotal moment arrives…the
bathroom break. I hate this part. You are now stuck there with a bunch of
dudes you don’t know trying to find common ground in interest. Sometimes
a good thing, but most times the conversation degenerates to sports or
career talk. Not to say I’m what other dudes would call a good conversationalist.
I’m here.. why are YOU here? I’m doing this to make her happy, just like
you. So lets pretend to play in the sandbox peacefully and content. Chances
are if things advance with you and your lady you now have a designated bff.
(F*ck Me!)

 Medicate with intoxicant of your choice.
“Waiter! Another Tony Montana. Heavy on the gin.”


The Black Man's Guide to Job Hunting

Ok. Shit’s fucked up right now. Trust I know as I sit in my Ivory Palace called
a 9 to 5. But even my palace is built on wood piles in a termite-infested bog.
I know too many brothers out here without a job. It’s to the point that
McDonalds is not hiring(so I’ve heard). The current economic climate is
stressing black men to the point of contemplating stick ups and slangin dem thangs.

To deter your life from turning into a Hughes Brothers movie here are
some tips that have worked for the folks I know that have found work.

1- Stop Smoking Weed

It may seem like a given, but 6 out of 10 dudes I know smoke like it’s
going out of style. I don’t give a fuck what anyone says If you can’t put
the Chiba down for a month while you secure your financial situation
you are a delusional fiend. Yeah, fiend!


2- Get your skills up.

Make yourself desirable to future employers. Reinforce your strengths. If
you are a good talker consider some diction tips to land that Customer
Service job. If you have good writing skills write on your free time online
or just to yourself. The key to skill building is getting better at what you do
best without spending money you don’t have.


3- A positive attitude.

I don’t want to hear the story about how the white man doesn’t
want to give you a job. Trust I know even menial jobs like bus boys
and janitors are not being given to us. I can’t call it. Still in all it’s up to
you to find the next level niche. Think other than the common fall back
of hitting the block. SBA classes are free. Take the “hustler” spirit and
start your own biz.

Bottom line, don’t be your worst enemy. There is opportunity out there.
It up to you to find your hustle and not resort to common means of ends.


— Posted Live From The Outside World


The GTFOOHWTBS Awards 2009

Top 10 most annoying and asinine events of 2009 as through the eyes of Stress!!!

10- The Kardadhians. OK I get it. You guys are real people with real
problems even though you’re obscenely rich. Can I be honest here? I
only watch this show with tissues and a bottle of Jergens on the night
stand. My ménage a quatre runs wild. Yeah moms can get it too.

9- Autotune in Reggae. I love dancehall. The island boy in me can’t get
enough. But this ugly Yankee trend has infiltrated the most purest of dancehall.
I guess us American kids are good for something.

8- Republicans & Democrats. One side bashes the new prez on every
issue, even though 13 months ago they was screaming that anyone that
doesn’t support the prez is Anti-American. The other side are a bunch of
pussies who bend on every stance THEY suggest. Welcome to Clusterfuckia!

7-Tiger’s Harem- Now I can smile when I address this dude as Mr. Woods.
LOL. But how the fuck did these hoes get famous and make money. One even
had the nerve to go on prime time to confess how she felt betrayed by Tiger.
Oh “he lied to me.” Bitch you fucked a married man and knew the deal.
One word…Gold digger.

How the hell you save text messages that long?

6- Shocking Celebrity Deaths. - Yo we lost Captain EO, the
Roadhouse bouncer, and the politest dude on earth this year.
Plus my snowflake crush from HS, Britney Murphy. Damn. Bad
year to be a celeb.

5- Hip Hop’s Life Span or Demise - OK we can spend hours
debating this as I have online in forums. The conclusion is that
the weak complain the strong make an effort to change. Which
side are you on?

4- BET - Shucking and jiving into number 4 on my list. As a black man who is
pretty active on issues, I’ve watched approximately 7 hours of it’s programming
collectively this year. Why? Because I’m tired of having a network run by non
alike people telling me I should drink, smoke weed, and fuck bitches all day.
Then they have the nerve to have commercials for quick loans and gospel hits.
This station does need Jesus.

3-Music Industry Beef. It has gone from valid claims of lyrical
supremacy to attempts to boost album sales. It has even taken
over the minds of r&b artist like Trey Songs, Neyo and R Kelly. All
of whom had their own mixtape or mixtape appearances this year.
Really? Sounds like Friday Night Sissy Fights. Where’s Dave Chappelle
when you need him?

2- I was gonna mention Jon and Kate Gosselin. Besides them both being
media whores, I have found a bigger offender. Kate’s hair. Watt D Phyuck?!?
It looks like a break dancing peacock is holding the world’s longest freeze on
her head. Kate, I hope you got some delicious Muchentuchen and a bottle of
Fizzy Bobala with that visit to Zohan’s  shop.

AND NOW …… The moment you’ve been waiting for.


Dear AT&T,
I’ve been a customer for over ten years and you have served me well.
That is until I purchased an iPhone from you. First I want to say I didn’t
spaz when it crashed the first month I had it. I didn’t even get mad at you
when I had to deal with the snobby, hipster, punk bitch, customer service
rep. That was Apple’s fault. (If I find you Evan I’m gonna attach a car battery
to a piercing of my choice.)

I just want to know why hold the rights and sell this great product if you
can’t support it? Are you guys really that out of touch? Apple is cutting edge
tech. You really did not expect the data streaming to be that heavy? Really?
I wanted to get some money taking off of my bill for the late voice mail
postings and dropped calls, but as I was explaining this to your rep…the
call was dropped. AT&T you are the worst of the worst. But then again.
I’m not downgrading to a crackberry. So you fucking win again.
I hope you feel good about yourself.

Your Digitally Dependent Piss-on,

— Posted Live From The Outside World



Jay-Z & Kanye: Conspiracy?

YouTube for the past few months has been flooded with video
theories of Jay Z being a Freemason and Kanye belonging to a
secret society. I’m always a bit skeptical when it comes to certain things.
Hood conspiracies is one of those things. Remember when Big Daddy
Kane had AIDS?Or when R Kelly peed on children….

Oh wait…that did happen.

Anyways being proved wrong in the past I have decided to take
an intellectual look at these YouTube vids. Being how there are so
many I took the highest ranked vid named “Jay Z is a Mason”.

I watched all 8 minutes of this blatant propaganda vid. The only thing
that held some weight was point of strange placements of the Skull and
Bones on attire. But then I thought, Aren’t the Skull and Bones and Masons
two different secret societies? Not sure you can be in both at the same
time…there would be no secret. Looking further I found anyone who knows
Jay’s music can pick up the clever editing and looping of “D’Evils”. I especially
had to laugh at the “I keep one eye open like CBS” excerpt. Clearly taken out
of context. Other lyrics from ‘Ye and Nas were mentioned but these are even
further stretches not worth mentioning.

The other video that was a 5 part series looking at the video
” Luv Lockdown” I must say that this one was better explained
and had some real interesting points. OK; to tell the truth I found
fault with almost all of it except for the last part of the analysis that
made me wonder if the theory had legs. It was the scene where the
supposed Martian lesbian women were standing in front of the tribes
men. The young lion DID walk by them with two other women. It threw
me for a loop. Dont know how to debate that. Watch it and ask yourself why.

In all, be careful of anything posted on YouTube. I’m the biggest skeptic…
but of everything. Before I tear down black men who have made successes
of themselves, I investigate their product instead of bandwagonin’ and crab
barrelling. It’s open for discussion. Holla!

— Posted Live From The Outside World



I saw a story this week involving a horrendous gang rape in
Richmond, Virginia. What made it so bad was that people stood and
watched while a 15yr old girl was repeatedly raped and assaulted for 2
hours in an alley behind the school during a dance. I’m no fool. I know
that kids drink at HS dances and get it on in dark areas. But to have
people stand there and watch adds a tinge of WTF? But that is for another
blog. I wanted to address the statements delivered by the classmates of
the victim. Though rightfully angered I feel that it may have been misguided
towards Blacks, Latinos, and Asians. In her statement she felt that because
she was the “minority” in the school her safety and academic efforts have
been overlooked. She goes even further to say (and I cringed listening)
she and her white classmates were overlooked by the district
because she was surrounded by “minorities”.

(To see the video, look below)

(c) CNN


A bright person, which I hope I am, would say, “Hold up. How can
there be TWO groups of minorities? There has to be a majority”. The fact
is that is not true. The word “minority” has become a word almost as
ugly as nigger, spic, chink. It is a PC way to say, those jigs, wet backs,
those rice eaters.  No?

Ask yourself why is she the minority surrounded by “The Minorities”.  The word
minority is defined as “the smaller part or number; a number, part, or amount
forming less than half of the whole.”  It somehow serves as a severe negative
connotation. I guess in America, that whole partial human being is still in effect. 

Be wary of being called a Minority my minor’s.


Fox Hole

Last week the Obama administration authorized a sort of a ban on Fox news
reporting because the reporting of false facts in regards to several issues that
come up. Fox has blasted the administration stating that they are just reporting
the full story. I've said in the past that most of the media outlets available now
are irresponsible when reporting the news.  In my first journalism class, my
professor assigned me to research the " War of the Worlds" incident of the
late 30's that paralyzed a rural area with fear of invading Martians. The exercise
made me realize the power of the press and how just one misguided view
can sway they public into a frenzy.  A frenzy of socialism, Nazism, and a sort
of white fright.  Shame on you Fox News. The flux of TV personalities and lack
of real journalists has plagued your network making it the headquarters of
the right wing agenda. Fair and balanced? What happened to objective
reporting? What happened to the 3 sides of the story?

Please do not insult my intelligence.


Ghostdeini The Great

I had the opportunity to read a review from a somewhat prominent periodical
about the new Ghostface Killah album 'Ghostdini: The Wizard of Poetry
in Emerald City'. After the reviewer mentioned that "The Pretty Tony" album
was a miss in his eyes, I knew the rest of the review was bogus. So here
is an analysis of the new joint.

If you a Ghost fan you are familiar with his pension to attempt a tender
hearted track on each album showing his softer side. As I agree with the
aforementioned critic in Ghost's ability to understand R&B, I disagree with
saying he has problems translating it to his own music. I do admit that I
wasn't really a fan of "Push" , a previous collab with Missy Elliot, but this full
album soft approach shows Ghost's descriptive lyrics and heartfelt flow as his
harder albums.

The opening track sets the tone for the album right away. The hard drums,
silky vocals and the visual lyrics of 'Not your Average Girl' shows that Ghost's
mission is to make you believe he is dead serious about pulling this concept
album off. I think that the vocalist chosen and super catchy hooks are as stellar
as Ghost's delivery of his always super descriptive sometimes super graphic
lyrics. Raheem Devaughn lends his vocals to the energetic "Do Over", a track
featuring Ghost's admission to wanting to get a do over for the faults of a
defunct relationship. I can call out each track in an attempt to justify the album
but as you listen you come to find it is not needed.

If you are Ghost fan pick it up. If you are not pick it up. Although it is absent
of stories of drug deals gone awry it is a solid album to pop into play list slot on
your iPod. The off-beat nature of his project makes it a winner in my eyes.