The Safe
Monday, March 18, 2013 at 12:20PM
Preach in The Stress Test: Life Advice

The day is getting closer and I’m listening to people who are genuinely happy as opposed
to the people looking for mindless, polite banter to pass the time. “Safe” is an adjective/noun
describing what I learned from talking to people in my outer circle. Why they are there?
How did they get there? Why are they close enough to me? As I’m turning the bend,
creeping on the stretch, the reasons why I took the first step come more into play.

“Safe” adj. Def. 1-5., n.d. Web. 1 March 2013

1)secure from liability to harm, injury, danger, or risk: a safe place.

To me, this means secure the bubble. If you don’t have one, you are sponging
up all sorts of things that can influence your bound. So get one.  

2)free from hurt, injury, danger, or risk: to arrive safe and sound.

Words often left for snark or negative criticism will be used to describe your
pending marriage. You will ask yourself, ” Why did he/she say that?”. All
I can say is Fuck ‘Em! Pardon my crass reaction but nobody knows about
your relationship but you and your partner. It is important to have each
others back when opinions and curious inquiries are peppered on you.
Protect the bubble. 

3)involving little or no risk of mishap, error, etc.: a safe estimate.

You never entertain or project behavior the would injure or cause
physical damage to each other. Having each others back in threatening
situations will be key in case an unfortunate situation arises. Not be Mr.
Doom and Gloom but shit happens.  

4)dependable or trustworthy: a safe guide.

This is the core values you both have and the confidence your
will partner will withhold them in you absence. This is important
when a family is new. You must be somewhat on the same page. 

5)careful to avoid danger or controversy: a safe player; a safe play.

Here’s a tricky one. The infiltration. Confidence is a biatch. It’s catnip.
To maintain the happy you must leave the hoes alone!!!  If you are
about it know the ledge.  People will talk. Hate even. It’s important to
rise above that. 

Reflecting back on this time leading to the day will surely reveal
truths about relationships I’ve held with people as well as the ones
I will hold on to in the future. Some of whom are on notice. 

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