Caution To The Wind
Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 11:05AM
Preach in The Stress Test: Life Advice

There comes that time as a man you have to fully come to grips with the
whole notion of being married. As I sit here letting the third gin and tonic
take me to happy land, I am content to be in a room full of  grown women
enjoying each others company. Truly ignoring me. See it’s the simple things
that make me happy and tonight it is the comfort of not being out on New
Years wondering if it is safe to get drunk. I am listening to their convo but
most importantly I’m thinking of the coming year of planning and life changes.
This is really happening. Man this is a feeling of joy, dread and caution. “Jodretion”,
if you will. It’s not a terrible feeling though it is enlightening. It’s like the feeling
you had when you left eighth grade knowing high school is on the horizon. A
new stage in life. Am I willing to accept it? I mean. I’m a guy. This means devoting
myself to ONE woman for the rest of my life. Every man’s nightmare. Kinda funny
though. I really did not like being single, even in the whoring stage. I think every
man wants to know if they will be happy after the wedding. (I passed out before
writing this next part.)

I remember that night and those last thoughts before I didn’t have the motor
skills to finish. Soon after I slipped my phone in my pocket I heard them talking
about how drunk I was. Sitting there eyes closed, smile on my face. Someone
wanted to take an infamous phone pic. Capture the drunk. Then I heard my
future wife say, “please don’t”. I felt her presence as she walked near me to
take my glasses off. Right there I knew trust is key. I was happy I chose who
I did. And I’m ready to take the leap with her. 

Ps -I bet you girls didn’t think i was listening huh. 

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