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The Fallen

Since FOREVER you have had your senses bombarded and abused by
baseless opinions. I’m not gonna explain why Black Lives Matter is not
a terrorist group, or why a gorilla should have been shot. I’m gonna tell
you about a guy who had got good grades in school, graduated college,
and who is still learning.
Learning doesn’t end when you’re in school.
Learning is essential for the growth of a human mind.
I’m not talking about just book smarts but more a skill like woodworking.
Acceptance and recognition of what your environment presents to you
every day is part of your learning experience. Humans build their
opinions and judge future decisions on past or current influences in
their environment. Yet human nature being what it is, the pesky option
of not having to listen to your natural instincts is used to stay in a
comfortable place all too often.
It’s so easy to fall into the mundane routine of work, eat, sleep, work,
sleep, poop, smoke, drink, work, eat. Routines are memory driven so
thinking about doing a task during the task is sometimes unnecessary.
Think about your morning routine. Do you plot how you will walk to the
subway or to your car? Do you try to figure out which route to take to
every day, step by step or do you zone out? Do you learn something
unique every time you commute? Sounds over simplified? Just walk
with me.
The option of choosing to learn allows you to find a plateau. Satisfaction
without an urge to understand more. This comforting state even fights
against exposure to new ideas to maintain level ground. Imagine a person
saying, “Why try Coltrane when I like Miles?” without even listening to it.  
Why understand a person’s story when mine is perfect?
What I’ve learned is that some people’s happiness is worth more than
learning about another’s. So much so certain information is actively
ignored to preserve a comfortable bubble.  Background noise. Like my
friend here with his ass in my face.
Rude? Yes.
Oblivious? Definitely.
I wonder what he knows.


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