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[MUSIC] Little Adot - "Born To Fly" & "Internal Conflict"

You’ve probably heard one or two people you know
in discussion proclaim that the younger generation
doesn’t appreciate rap and hip-hop culture enough,
or that they don’t create music or do anything outside
of just being on social media creating silly and harmful
fads. Thankfully those voices are in a minority that’s
getting smaller and smaller, and it’s due to some of
these young kings and queens rising and doing their
own thing for the world to see. And the world is now
set to witness another who’s adding their name to
the ranks - Little ADot.

Little Adot is a 16-year old with some phenomenal
talent and a spirit beyond his age. He’s utlilized a
fierce love of hip-hop and uncanny production ability
as well as live instrumentation skills(as a violinist)
to put together not one, but TWO albums: Born To Fly
and Internal Conflict. With the first project, Adot 
puts his own spin on the classic first album of the
late,great Notorious B.I.G., Ready To Die. He provides
a sharp and enveloping backdrop that gives a fresh
aura to Biggie’s lyrics, not unlike adding gentle accents
on a ceiling fresco. On the instrumental album Internal
, you are treated to an operatic experience for
the ears. Again, this is the work of a teen. But it’s
evident that Little Adot isn’t your ordinary youngster,
and that his moniker of “The Young King” is not only
earned but only right.

Both albums can be purchased via ThisRespekWear’s
website and at

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