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[MUSIC] 3Bubble & J.Gray - "Live From The Pentagon"

Collaborations in music, like many other things, can be 
hit or miss. The result often lies in how the artists on a
project connect from start to finish. One has to have that
in mind the moment they hit “play” on Live From The
, a release from 3Bubble and J. Gray. The two
MC’s hail from Houston, Texas and managed to connect
despite two different paths. In the case of 3Bubble, he 
had built up a solid reputation in the industry dating back
to his first solo release 6 years ago. J. Gray had started 
out having a love of rap fulfilled after engaging in a battle
while at the High School for Performing and Visual Artists.
He ran into 3Bubble after returning to Houston from living
in Brooklyn and Atlanta at a talent show and from there
they found they could really craft great music together.


Live From The Pentagon carries forth a message that both
rappers strive to live by - have fun and live to the fullest 
with a purpose. The album starts out defining how that
message will be delivered, with snappy rhymes and an 
interchange that exemplifies how well these two MC’s
flow together. “Euros” starts out easy, but charges up in
an instant as 3Bubble begins his verse. J. Gray provides
a flow that is uptempo but doesn’t lose focus. In the case
of 3Bubble, you have someone who drops lyrics with the
casual affectation of a veteran. The production is nicely layered
and shows off a strong variety of influences from funk to
EDM. Another standout track to digest is “This One” that
bounces like a Cadillac out on parade in the 5th Ward. The
pair also take time to be wholly introspective, evidenced by
“Studio” which details the consistent grind they underwent
to get to where they are now.”Turn It Down” is an impassioned
plea to those struggling to get past their difficulties and rise above.
Live From The Pentagon covers all the bases you would want
a solid duo like 3Bubble and J. Gray to touch on. Look out for
the album’s release on May 30th.  

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