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[MUSIC] 061880 - "The Dream Of a God"

There are concept albums, and then there are album
efforts that step beyond the boundaries of what concept
albums can be on a basic level. And that applies to the
latest album by 061880, The Dream Of A God. Despite
the seemingly straightforward title, this album is more of
a cinematically-inclined nightmare on wax. And that is
the entire point. John Parnell, the main mastermind behind
061880, has crafted this project with a gripping backstory:

“In the summer of 1973, a small town in Louisiana was host to a
string of grisly murders. Without a shred of evidence left at the
scenes, much of the town’s population thought it was something
sinister lurking in the forest. Authorities were horrified to discover
the murders were the work of a blood thirsty cult! 

God’s country ends outside of East Hodge, Louisiana.”

In listening to the entirety of The Dream Of a God, you are
left with a serious case of the chills. 061880’s talent for developing
ambient music that tugs at you is in full stride here. One gets
that as the beginning of the album builds suspense, with “A long
tortuous night(part VII)” crashing in and making you jump. 
And if you’re wondering - I did on first listen. There is an eerie
tone that harkens to the scores of Italian slasher pictures that
became all the rage in the 1970’s, but more inlaid with an
emphasis on using your connection to the music to bring the 
horrific dread home. For example, “All evil things must sleep” -
the melancholy tone with the onset of chimes a third of the 
way through underlines the hidden danger. There’s a good feel
for what brings about dread in people on this album, and it does
make The Dream Of a God something that will not only go bump
in the night, but also bump within your playlist. The album is 
available now through 061880’s Bandcamp page and their 

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