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[MUSIC] Stormy Mondays - "The Lay Of The Land"/"Wading The River"

It’s not too often that you come across a band that 
puts out music in direct opposition to its name - and
you don’t mind that fact one bit. Such is the case with
Stormy Mondays. The band has been at the forefront
of folk-rock for a little over two decades, hailing from
Oveido, Spain. They’ve enjoyed some magnificent
moments, from jamming with Slash of Guns & Roses
on that group’s European tour, to having their song
selected by NASA to be played on the Space Shuttle
Endeavour and being the only Spanish band to be at
any of the Woodstock festivals with their 1999 concert
appearance. The group has a sound that channels the
same spirit found in music from artists like Van Morrison
and The Lumineers. There’s a genteel quality to their
music, and listeners will find themselves soaking in it
like sitting in a warm bath with their double EP.

The first album, Wading The River, lets you into the
world of Stormy Mondays with the snappy “Nobody
Knows”. Jorge Otero, the lead vocalist, has a knack
for illustrating the mood perfectly with his voice. It 
blends nicely with the steady and lively guitar work on his 
part along with that of Dani Melendez. The group shows
off their dexterity throughout, especially in the bittersweet
tones of “Silent Star” and “Love and Fire”. For the 
second half of the EP, The Lay Of The Land, you find
more tunes that give you an ‘80’s feel that is infectious. 
There’s power abound in “Merry-Go-Round”, a number
that is robust with great bass. “My Midnight World” is 
a bit of a departure with its bittersweet tone, but it adds
to the overall sharp quality of the album. Stormy Mondays
will definitely lighten the mood for listeners both old and
new. More information about their double EP can be 
found on their website. 


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