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[MUSIC] Brandon Stoehr - "As Far As It Goes"

It’s often said that you find the road you’re supposed to
be on while you’re headed somewhere else. For Brandon
Stoehr, this has become the underpinning to his flourishing
career. Hailing from Washington State, Stoehr initially had
his mind set on being an elite basketball player even as he
was steadily creating beats while at home, something he 
had been doing since he was 12 years old. He reached a
crossroads of sorts after deciding to not play in a tourney
while in high school. The end result came in a song he wrote
and produced which gave him the push to continue with
making music. Since then he’s been consistently grinding
as an MC and producer.

As Far As It Goes is the next evolution of the sound that
Stoehr represents - rap music that’s high energy and clear
from bassline to lyrics. This is the first full length project
he’s put out, and from the first track you gain a good 
perspective on the heights he’s trying to reach. Brandon’s
flow is earnest, and doesn’t stretch out to be similar like
others in the scene right now. The production here by 
guest beatmakers such as Jacob Lethal and Don P show
a willingness to put a smoother edge to those high energy beats that 
are all the rage these days while sprinkling in some influences
from veterans on the scene like JakeUno and araabMUZIK.
Stoehr is driven, evidenced by the smooth and solid staccato
about putting in work towards your dreams on “Noon To Six.”
“Alive” shows off Stoehr’s tightness in terms of delivering 
heavy verses with a note of hope. And “Don’t Stop” delivers
more of the same, including this: “I rap so I can inspire/it’s why
my rap name is my real name”. With As Far As It Goes, Brandon
Stoehr is set on a road to show not only the lengths of his 
dedication to providing good rap music but the possibility of just
how high he’ll reach. Check out his website for access to the


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