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[MUSIC] J'Moris - "Moris Better: The Hangover"

A hangover can provide illumination, and not just the 
persistent thought that maybe one shouldn’t party to
excess. Sometimes it can lead to a bit of growth. That’s
one underlying force that drives J’Moris, who relays that
idea on his EP, Moris Better: The Hangover. J’Moris isn’t 
a fresh face in the rap game - he’s been dropping lyrics
since his first single at the age of seventeen, “Play On”.
Hailing from outside of the Dallas/Fort Worth area in
Hillsboro, Texas, J’Moris has crafted a unique style that 
draws from the rich Southern rap culture that gave birth
to such MC’s as Chamillionaire, Kevin Gates and others
while also taking some influence from East Coast hip-hop.
That, plus a firm independent spirit propelled him to go
his own way while still a co-founder of Tru Misfitz, a collective
formed while he was at Lamar University.

Moris Better: The Hangover is a neat little EP, six tracks
in length. The album in its entirety allows him to show off
a laid-back style of rapping that has its moments of bold
emphasis. Steady and entertaining, J’Moris delivers lyrics
with a quick wit, shown to the full extent on “Mad At Me”.
He even gets a bit risque with a song dedicated to threesomes,
entitled “Lesbian”. The production on the album pays homage
to the inflections of trap music that currently dominates the
scene, but it serves to be a good springboard for the rapper
to rhyme casually and with confidence that you’ll be bumping
this in your ride as the temperature increases and waiting for
more to come. Moris Better:The Hangover is available now 
through his website and all major outlets.





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