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[MUSIC] 3Bubble & J.Gray - "Pentagon Memoirs"

When we first encountered 3Bubble & J.Gray, what
immediately caught our attention was an electric sound
and feel that both embodied all of what Southern rap
was and represented a new direction it could go in.
The duo returns with a new album, Pentagon Memoirs,
that looks to expand on that promise while making
your speakers pop.

3Bubble & J.Gray - “Dont Lie”

Pentagon Memoirs is a strident, upbeat album that 
starts off in a melodic way with “Bulletproof”. The
track is essentially confident swagger from the two,
with a catchy hook that aims to mark the difference
between those living the life and those living it only
in the studio. From the beginning, you also get the
sense of collaboration. Bubble and Gray’s aim was to
make Pentagon Memoirs a true showcase for other
artists in the Houston area, “to show that H-Town
supports its own.”
 This enhances the flavor of the 
album throughout. “How” featuring Kelechi and
Ronnie E. is a pop-tinged song that makes your head
nod emphatically. “Music”, which closes out the
album draws on funk and strings that smacks of
influence from The Whispers and other legendary acts.
“Vogue” is playful, and perfect for those rooftop parties
with chilled glasses and warm bodies grooving on the
floor. Once again, the hook is infectious and really 
speaks to the growth in production in such a short
time from their last album. That’s not to say the two
don’t shine on their own - the silky smooth “Relax”
is a mellow spinner that should make you scrub back
to listen again.

Pentagon Memoirs is another solid effort from 3Bubble
and J.Gray that doesn’t get pulled down from all of the
collaborations - in fact they give it an added heft and
in turn make the duo’s sound more potent and much
more of a look into what Houston’s got just on the rise.
The album is available now on iTunes and through their
media outlets. 



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