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[MUSIC] Niker Groze - "Shake That Booty"

It's summertime, so you definitely are getting your playlists
in order for all that the season brings - but some of you may
be taking a little bit longer to build that out. But there's one
artist that wouldn't mind being added to that list, and makes 
a firm case with a single that has an abundant amount of fun
in it. Niker Groze is that artist, and he hails from Toronto, Canada.
That single? "Shake That Booty".

Niker Groze has been at this rap game for a little bit,
and has put together a single that's all about making 
people tap into their inner joy. You can see that plainly
in the visuals for the track that incorporates a little bit
of a vibe similar to LMFAO and Mac Miller. Niker employs
a distinct amount of witticism, nothing too boastful over
an EDM-influenced beat with enough bass to make the
hips gyrate. With an entry like this, Groze might be one
to kick in a little bit of extra fun to playlists for quite a while.


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