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[MUSIC] Jay Hunna - "Good Ol' Music"

Nostalgia can be effective fuel as well as a prime tool
to connect. With Jay Hunna, hailing from the Midwest
metropolis of Chicago, Illinois, both of those directives
apply in the best way. The MC has been grinding for 
quite some time, and his music represents a robust 
blend of rap influences that he heard while coming of
age in his South Side neighborhood. All of this has been
in preparation for his debut album, Better Days. New
and old listeners can tap into the spirit of his musical
stylings through his recent single and video, "Good Ol'

"Good Ol' Music" is an airy, light track that bounces on 
the eardrums. Jay spits bars in a rhythm that easily
allows you to envision what he's talking about, and 
match that same feeling depending on your mood. 
The video dives into that even more, with the MC just
rolling through the Chi to hit up a record store and 
check out the vinyl of 2PAC, The Notorious B.I.G. and
other greats before hitting the lakeside. This is a neat
and simply nostalgic intro to an artist who is all about
celebrating the spirit of those who paved the way - which
includes his cousin, the late Sandra Bland who lost her
life as a result of police brutality and misconduct two
years ago and is the motivation behind his debut album.
Look out for Better Days on September 8th and get a
chance to hear the single again at his website.



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