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[MUSIC] JOMO - "What I Want" 

Those rappers who want to make tracks that can be regarded
as part of the soundtrack of the streets have to imbue each of
their songs with a certain flair that evokes not only what the 
streets hold but how they managed to hold an observant corner
within them. For JOMO, this means being a lyrical representative
of South Jersey by way of Atlantic City and giving listeners a 
different take as to what lies behind the casinos and the glitz.
JOMO has made a few key moves with his music, with a placement
of one track on the CBS series "JAG" and being part of music 
festivals in the A.C. area including stints at Jay-Z's 40/40 Club.
With a new EP, What I Want, JOMO is looking to add more of 
those notable moves to his repetoire.

What I Want is an assertive and humble collection, kicking off
with a subdued but stylish track that bears the same name as
the lead. JOMO has a flow that's laid-back which serves him well
over all as he spits about having the ambition to get up and out
off of the streets. Throughout the EP, that flow is highly apparent.
There's an uptempo energy that kicks in to balance it out, mainly
heard on "Cocky" with a feel not unlike that heard from G-Unit.
Although there's one or two points where the production feels
a bit mismatched to take away from the energy such as "Clap",
this EP is a solid stepping stone for JOMO to further reach that
lofty spot he's been grinding towards. The EP is available now 
through his Bandcamp page listed below.



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