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Welcome to.... WU-TANG WEEK.

‘Up from the 36 Chaamberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs…’

Get down with us this week as we give a hearty salute to the Wu-Tang Clan as we approach the 20th anniversary of their debut album that launched an empire, ‘Enter The 36 Chambers’. We’ll have some special stuff sprinkled throughout the site here and there so stay tuned!! 


Happy Birthday, MJ. 

Happy Birthday to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson!
You are sorely missed. 


The March On Washington: 50 Years Later.

Today is the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the historic
March On Washington. This event, held on the steps of the Lincoln
Memorial, has become an indelible part of American history on
many levels. For those who marched that day, for those who
are present in our nation’s capital today, we here at Manifesto
honor and salute you.


Happy 95th Birthday, Nelson Mandela!


Rest In Power, Guru.

Today, we mark the passing of one of the most influential MCs in
hip-hop and a pioneer in his own right, Guru of Gangstarr. Three
years later, his untimely death still leaves a void in the culture.
Here are some reflections from the team here at Manifesto about
the man and his legacy:

“Guru, was the vocal half of Gangstarr, a classic Hip-Hop group, who
were notorious at the time, for speaking to my soul, with stories from
the street, narrated by a man, whose voice, could be the loudest in a
room, without e
ver, raising a tone. Honestly, he will forever be known
as the man who showcased mastery, by truly living up to his name.
G.ifted U.nlimited R.hymes U.niversal.” - K.Soze

“Words I Manifest” taught me discipline.
“A Jazz Thing” taught me how to broaden my horizons.
“Lovesick” showed me that i wasn’t alone.
“Mass Appeal” taught me how to chill.
“DWYCK” taught me how to bug out.

“BYS” taught me how to rhyme.
“Royalty” taught me not to give up.
“In Memory of …” taught me how to mourn.

i miss that voice.”

“For hip-hop, Guru was a crescent moon of wisdom
with his lyricism. By his presence, he added another
brilliant jewel to the crown of the culture, keeping it
balanced and beneficial with a voice that was a bridge.
A bridge between his home city of Boston and New
York and the world, a bridge between the streets &
our own lives. A bridge between hip-hop and its own
ancestry of jazz, and a bridge between generations 
and genres. Yes, his gifted unlimited rhymes still
continue to be universal. And will remain so for all
time.” - Preach

Guru’s influence on Hip Hop is seen in the culture everyday.
The fact that his monotone delivery kept you listening still has
yet to be rivaled . He gave me courage to venture into the jazz
world and listen not just copy. I’ve never heard samples bein
used in a track the way him and primo did. MC and DJ… true rap
synergy. I still get chills hearing “Royalty”. Also I think he holds
the record for the dopest non rhyming line, ” Wherever my
Beamer goes, you that I’m drivin!” WHAT??!?!” -Stress

Gangstarr, “Words I Manifest”

Gangstarr “Take It Personal” Live on The Late Show, 1992

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