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Snow Day 2013

Calling it a snow day because we refuse to follow the media hype and call it a clownfish.
We hope you guys in the Northeast are hunkered down, safe and sound. And if you’re
online, check us out today. We’ve got some good stuff for you! 


Manifesto Magazine Presents: DILLA DAY.

Coming in a couple days. Stay tuned.


Honoring An American Dream.

Today is Martin Luther King Day as well as the second Inauguration of 
Barack Obama as President of The United States. On such a momentous
day, we here at Manifesto say, let your dreams become your life and
awaken others to do the same, much like these two have done. Peace.


New Year, New Movements

Another year begins, and we here at Manifesto are only moving on up.
(rest in power, Sherman Helmsley.)

We’re striving to give you more content, consistently. What does that entail, exactly?
Well, it behooves you to stay tuned and find out. What can be said here though, is
that you’re definitely going to keep receiving the same unfiltered, uplifting and unique
items and thoughts that has made Manifesto as crisp as the first breeze of winter. We
are also working to give you a better Manifesto due to some appreciated feedback from
you, our readers. Make no mistake, Manifesto will make the marks it needs to for 2013.
And then some. 


It's Been a Minute...

As you’ve probably noticed, you haven’t heard from us for a while.
We’ve been having a season filled with ups and downs here at
Manifesto Magazine, but we’ve also been using the time to get that
much better. At what, you may ask? Well, telling you outright would
spoil the fun. But let’s say 2011 is going to be a year to remember
and Manifesto Magazine will definitely be one of the reasons you do.

So on that note, WE’RE BACK!!!