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New Year, New Movements

Another year begins, and we here at Manifesto are only moving on up.
(rest in power, Sherman Helmsley.)

We’re striving to give you more content, consistently. What does that entail, exactly?
Well, it behooves you to stay tuned and find out. What can be said here though, is
that you’re definitely going to keep receiving the same unfiltered, uplifting and unique
items and thoughts that has made Manifesto as crisp as the first breeze of winter. We
are also working to give you a better Manifesto due to some appreciated feedback from
you, our readers. Make no mistake, Manifesto will make the marks it needs to for 2013.
And then some. 


It's Been a Minute...

As you’ve probably noticed, you haven’t heard from us for a while.
We’ve been having a season filled with ups and downs here at
Manifesto Magazine, but we’ve also been using the time to get that
much better. At what, you may ask? Well, telling you outright would
spoil the fun. But let’s say 2011 is going to be a year to remember
and Manifesto Magazine will definitely be one of the reasons you do.

So on that note, WE’RE BACK!!!


A Movement Redefined...

Welcome to the beginning.

A moment where our world has been forced to face what was with humility, so to create what will be with wisdom. At the cusp, where a shift is changing the way news & media are displayed & distributed, you will find us. Sharing some of the most inspiring people, places, and things our creative forces have to offer. Don’t worry, although armed with smart phones in hand, we have made no plans to trade our paperbacks for Kindles anytime soon.

Here you will find many things…among them, artists doing their best to follow their calling amongst a sea of today’s hobbyists. Make your self-comfortable, make a connection, but please, what ever you do….Make it yours!

- Founders,

Manifesto Magazine

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