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Happy Birthday Kool Herc!!!!

Today is the birthday of the man, the LEGEND behind the birth of hip-hop as
we know it today, DJ Kool Herc! Through his love of music, he helped to create
an art form that has transformed lives from 1520 Sedgewick Avenue in the
Boogie Down Bronx across the globe and over the course of generations. As
of late, Herc has been dealing with health issues, so show some love to him
and his family by contributing right here:   We here at
Manifesto salute you, sir!



Boston In Our Hearts.

Yesterday, in the last hours of the Boston Marathon, two bombs went off. It tore
through the heart of a proud city celebrating Patriots’ Day, a happy time for all.
And it tore through the hearts of everyone else who saw the news. In a time like
this, words seem empty. Emoting seems like a half-hearted gesture. But we here
at Manifesto wish to say that our hearts and minds are with the City of Boston today
as they try to push through these miles of grief that will lie hours, months and days
ahead for those lost and injured.  


Jackie Robinson, #42. Salute.


"Wild Style" Turns 30

Respect the cinematic blueprint of the culture. And if you HAVEN’T seen it, please correct
that error soon! 


Rest In Power, The Notorious B.I.G.

“Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, man when I was dead broke, I couldn’t picture this…”

We miss you Big. Always.