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A showcase of amazing women who balance beauty & intellectual brilliance.
In short.  They shine.


Sarodj Bertin 

Ms.Bertin is going to be one of the most talked about contestants
at this year's Miss Universe pageant taking place this Saturday in
Las Vegas. One reason being, she's the first to hold that crown in
22 years. Another reason will more than likely be how she looks;
news of her winning against four other dark-skinned competitors
has raised some ire. But the most important reason is, she is tied
to her country and it's hardships in a dramatic way. Her mother
was human rights advocate Mireille Durocher Bertin, who was
murdered in 1995 as she was about to enter the presidential race.
Sarodj saw the entire thing. The tragedy inspired her to become
a lawyer and the 24 year old has been active in helping with
humanitarian efforts in Haiti in the aftermath of the earhtquakes,
which falls in line with her desire to help make the country strong
once more.


Vonetta McGee

Last week, Vonetta McGee, renowned Black actress
of the 1970's passed away at 65. She was an exceptional
beauty who exuded charm and quiet strenght in her
roles. Originally, her career began in Italian film, and
she got her start in Hollywood thanks to Sidney Poitier
casting her in 'The Lost Man'. Best known for her roles
in 'Blacula', 'Shaft in Africa', and 'The Eiger Sanction'
among others, Ms.McGee was a graceful talent that will
be sorely missed. Rest in power.

Vonetta McGee and Calvin Lockhart - 'Melinda'(1972)

Vonetta McGee interview with Don Cornelius on 'Soul Train'



Larissa Riquelme - World Cup Girlfriend

Larissa Riquelme became the sweetheart of the globe and possibly
tied the BP oil spill as the most Googled subject during the World
Cup. The model and actress was the most visible supporter of her
home nation of Paraguay, and she even promised to run nude
through the streets of Asuncion, the capital if they brought home
the Cup. What a fan.


Olga Kurylenko

The unique Ukranian beauty sky-rocketed to stardom as
Camille, the latest 'Bond Girl' from the last 007 movie,
Quantum of Solace. This was after her debut in the bland
big screen adaptation of the video game Hitman. Note to
movie moguls...get her in more movies post-haste!!

Olga Kurylenko on Jimmy Kimmel

Olga Kurylenko for Carte Noire



Lena Horne

It's fitting, in a sense, that on Mother's Day Lena
Horne left this world. She gave us so much, from
that winning smile to that grand sense of beauty
and style. She gave birth to a whole new ideal of
Black female sophistication and most importantly,
she did it on her terms so that future generations
could do the same. Ms.Horne, thank you...and
rest in power.

Lena Horne on 'The Flip Wilson Show'

Lena Horne for The Gap(Classic!!!)

Lena Horne's iconic performance of 'Stormy Weather'(1943)






Rae Dawn Chong

You probably know her for being the daughter of one half of the the
legendary stoner comedy duo Cheech and Chong but the actress has
done a slew of movies dating back to the early 1980's. Some of them
were memorable (Beat Street, The Color Purple) and others...not so
much. But she's kept right on acting and has recently turned 49. Yeah,
49 and still fine!!

'Beat Street' Movie Trailer


Rosa Acosta

What can be said about this gorgeous Dominicana that
hasn't been said before? How about the fact that Ms.Acosta
is a highly trained classical ballet dancer? She began her
studies at the age of 4 at the Centro De La Cultura and
moved on to the Instituro de Cultura y Arte where she
graduated with honors. After numerous accolades, she
began modeling in 2004 and the rest is history.



N'Bushe Wright

Yet another reason why the world loves women from
Brooklyn, N'Bushe Wright is a distinct beauty. With her
mother being a psychologist working with the New York
Board of Ed and her father being jazzman Suleiman-Marim
Wright, N'Bushe has excellence in her blood. Only a year
out of the Stella Adler Acting School, she wound up playing
Nikki in the critically acclaimed 'Zebrahead', following it up
with a key role in the NBC drama I'll Fly Away. And if that
wasn't enough, in 1994 she starred in Boaz Yakin's 'Fresh'
and in the Hughes Brothers' 'Dead Presidents'. From then
on she's had numerous roles in film and TV although one
thing still escapes us...why was she never considered for
the role of Storm in the X-Men Movies?!!


Grace Park

We at Manifesto admit that Grace Park is the main reason we
could getr ourselves to watch 'Battlestar Galactica' on the Sci-Fi
Network. This Korean-Canadian bombshell broke onto the scene
playing Sharon 'Boomer'Valerii aka Cylon Number Eight after
getting her first role in Romeo Must Die. After that series ended,
Park snagged a key role in 'The Cleaner' starring Benjamin Bratt
on the A&E Network which ended last September. She now plays
Liz Carver on the CBC drama 'The Border'. Ms.Park also has a
psychology degree from the University of British Columbia. She
can read our minds anytime!


Teiko Dornor 

There is nothing on earth like a woman with bountiful
curves and the heart and smile to match. Teiko Dornor
has it all and then some. Not only is the Ghananian-
British beauty a plus-sized model, she's also a
television presenter with OBE-TV and a law student.
And another accomplishment she owns is being the
chief organizer of the Miss Plus Africa pageant.
I'm sure Ms.Dornor will be gracing us with her charm
for a long time.

Catch her on her blog here: