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Too Good For The Hood?

When did it all go wrong?

Remember when we celebrated when someone from our fuct up
neighborhood made it big? “That’s my cousin”, “he used to buy honeybuns
in this bodega!’ I often wonder what stories would arise about me if I went
on to greatness. “remember when dat ni**a Stress found out his girl was
cheating on Labor Day by seeing her at the block party hugged up?”
“Stress? Dat ni**a lived here?”

It’ll probably go as such. But in an effort not to make light of a sickening
trend I would like to focus on why people do this. Why do we tear people
down after they “make it”? Are you that self-lothing that you would project
your misery in the form of malicious rumors? I remember hearing stories
of Swizz Beats getting robbed when he came back to the hood. (Yeah K Swiss.
I’m from yo’ hood.) I often wonder how authentic these rumors are. ‘Cause
not for nothing some dudes just like to see you doing as bad as them.

Hood people, how ‘bout we support those that got out, stop acting like they
are the great white knight and get up get out and get something. It amazes
me how many “hustlers” need a hand. Really? Thought you extra wavey, why
you asking for help? Seems to me that these dudes lack the adaptibilty of the
world hustle and they can’t seem to get off the block.This is another thing that
keeps hood folk in the hood. They feel guilt for leaving the others behind. They
are told that they are bougie if they don’t come back. Why the fuck should you?!?!

And why should you keep it real? Shit. Real life goes on in the hood without
you when you are not around, does it start when you are there? GTFOOHWTBS!
Listen hood folk thinking of leaving. Leave! Don’t look back. Don’t feel guilty.
You made it to a better place to have better life choices. Let the mystical hood
misery mentality influence those whoever subscribe to that self loathing lifestyle.

My boys are gonna say dudes ain’t gonna like me for this one. I say good. Stop
fucking with me. Bad energy is not needed in my cypher. Cause I’m focused on
getting the fuck outta here. Now excuse me while I chase away the bikers
fucking up my mamas roses.

— Posted Live From The Outside World

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