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Wack is Here To Stay

I can officially say that I’m old. Why? Cause I don’t get it. I’ve been DJ’n
for 15 yrs and this is the first summer where everything popular I’m playing
would never reach my iPod. In the past one or two songs would slide by
and get the nod. But 2010 I’m officailly over rap music. It is currently at a
stage where it doesn’t know whether to go pop or change all together.
Singing rappers is the thing now. Which is fine. But what’s with these
other dudes that repeat the same corny line and call it a hook. Or sound
off beat and call it playable product. Waka what the fuck? Soulja boy and
Gucci mane? Are you kids that hopped up off of zannies to realize you
are being made fun of? Yes made fun of. While you are busting your ass
tryna survive in this economy, these fools are getting rich off of you and
giving you subpar effort in creating music. They say it to you all the time.
The talk about how much shit they got and how you got none of it. Lol.
They talkin to you nigga!  These dudes are hustling you with flashy beats and
low content. Call me a hater…fine. Before I would have challenged that brain
dead, broad ass response. But now fuck it. I officially hate your music. It sucks.
It has no worth. It is damaging hip hop’s role in the music history.
Degenerating it to a flash in the pan fad. You guys are fuckin idiots and
I’ll say it to you if I met you. It’s not a south thing it’s an effort thing. Act
like you got some resposibility and give Hip Hop a classic.

Ps- I personally hold the Jah Rule phenomenon resposible for letting wack
rappers appear dope and it being cool. Thanks for leaving the door open Mr. Gotti.

— Posted Live From The Outside World

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