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I feel I’m doing my part in society by expressing the views of those
who can’t speak through this medium. Even when writing these tirade
laden posts I have to think how my words will effect my reader. Yes I
want to get my point across but I also don’t want to mislead the reader
into something false and unfair. Ok, I can see how you can say, “Fam it’s
a blog. This shit is all opinion.” I will agree. But I’d like to think my opinions
are based on some logical, well-thought out base theory. Mostly common

Due to the speed of which information is spread these days I don’t think
people understand the power they possess. Today you can tell every person
you have met in your life to either eat pizza or fuck off. 15 years ago that
would be  a lot of phone calls. So how do you go about conducting yourself
over these self intrusive networks? Easy. As my college communication
professor would tell me cut the electronic umbilical cord. Man up bitches
and don’t answer.

This applies to all forms of communication especially social networking
sites.  If you must. Click the like button. Show reserve on commenting
on Sherry’s mothers table cloth dress. Hard to do isn’t it? I know. I’m
the worst offender. I comment on everything from bad wigs to tooth decay.
So I saw the difference when I stopped participating. Less comment on my
page trickling down to less interaction and desire to contact me about nothing.
This rule can work on phones to. Don’t answer. I will stare at a ringing cell.
Why do I want to be so accessable? Am I legally obligated to be on the other
side of the line when someone calls? I laugh when someone tells me they
called and I didn’t answer. Fuck yeah! So I’m supposed to stop laying dudes
down in COD2 so you can blab about nothing? You, my friend are impeding
on my rights. My favorite is ” I texted you. Why didn’t you respond?”.
Really? The fuck I look like a Justin Beiber Twitter following preteen?

Dare to be different and stop sucking on the “look at me” teet of social networking.

Reader Comments (1)

the "experts" have done polls to show that, despite the dawn of the digital age, people have not abandoned the art of communication; what they failed to discuss is HOW communication takes place nowadays. this sense of immediacy and urgency just speeds people up somehow ... maybe that's why there are so many newly-diagnosed cases of A.D.D. and hyperactivity.
by the way, i posted something on your facebook page yesterday. you never replied. LOL smiley-face.

June 2, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterlevar F.M.

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