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A Letter to Senator Eric Adams

Sen. Adams,

First I would like to say I have long watched your career and I am a
supporter of you and your policies. At first I was hesitant to hear what
you had to say on issues in the community but I see that maybe your
ideals are not misguided and you really do care about my community.
When I say my community I mean the young African American community.
You see sir, I am a hard working college grad still living in the heart of
the Bronx. I could have left a long time ago, but this is home. And I see
the social issues you are addressing head on. Namely, the “NO SAG”

At first , I rolled my eyes and thought to myself, “ Is this another C.
Delores Tucker alienating a generation because of a waving finger?”
But being older now I see that you mean well, but you are a bit out of
touch with the” head on” tactics. To be clear, I as well do not like seeing
the ass cheeks of our young men, and think it is very foolish and degrading
to our people. But I feel the mainstream subconscious spin will not reach the
youth. Let me suggest a few tactics for reaching the youth.

1-     Go where they are first. – Don’t bum rush them on TV. Do you think
you will gain enemies or friends by declaring war on the “sag”? Instead of a
press conference with all local media, go national Senator! 106 and Park, MTV,
the kids are there. I’m sure when they realize the origins of the trend you will
reach more of them. Honey NOT vinegar sir .

2-     After the kids are behind you and they see that they you are on their side,
and want to help them change their opportunistically barren surroundings, the
ideas of change will spread.

3-     Commit Senator. Our community already does not trust politicians. To see
another person in power start a program with a high buzz and then forget about
it is a momentum killer. Our community problems are deeper than most, and
the commitment to the issues are potentially life long.

Again, I’m not in the business of tearing down what you are doing. You were on
the front lines on the streets of NY and now in Washington. You are our voice.
I just have concern with the portrayal of you in the eyes of our future and to
those outside your party pointing and laughing.  Bottom line the kids need
someone to believe in and need not to be spoken down to. God Bless, and
good luck on your future endeavors.  


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... and it couldn't be said any better.

April 18, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterlevar F.M.

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