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The Boyfriend Play Date

As some of you may know I’ve been single for about a
year and have been dating. I have whittled the worthy down
to one and we’ve been seeing more of each other. Now in
situations where there is just an occasional romp no one in
either parties circles are involved. Or need to be in that matter.
But that shit is out the window once you cross into the boyfriend
zone. She talks to her friends about you. They get curious then all
of a sudden a event materializes where your first appearance as
a couple is scheduled. Jeez.

So there you are a room full of women and their significant others.
Some of whom have been forced to show up.

I scanned the room, and I notice the classic glances of ” WTF am I
doing here”. One guy in on his BB, another checking scores to the
Knicks game, me looking at the artwork on the walls. Boredom starts
to set in once the girls forget we are even there and tell stories of events
we dare not ask any details about. Then the pivotal moment arrives…the
bathroom break. I hate this part. You are now stuck there with a bunch of
dudes you don’t know trying to find common ground in interest. Sometimes
a good thing, but most times the conversation degenerates to sports or
career talk. Not to say I’m what other dudes would call a good conversationalist.
I’m here.. why are YOU here? I’m doing this to make her happy, just like
you. So lets pretend to play in the sandbox peacefully and content. Chances
are if things advance with you and your lady you now have a designated bff.
(F*ck Me!)

 Medicate with intoxicant of your choice.
“Waiter! Another Tony Montana. Heavy on the gin.”

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