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The Black Man's Guide to Job Hunting

Ok. Shit’s fucked up right now. Trust I know as I sit in my Ivory Palace called
a 9 to 5. But even my palace is built on wood piles in a termite-infested bog.
I know too many brothers out here without a job. It’s to the point that
McDonalds is not hiring(so I’ve heard). The current economic climate is
stressing black men to the point of contemplating stick ups and slangin dem thangs.

To deter your life from turning into a Hughes Brothers movie here are
some tips that have worked for the folks I know that have found work.

1- Stop Smoking Weed

It may seem like a given, but 6 out of 10 dudes I know smoke like it’s
going out of style. I don’t give a fuck what anyone says If you can’t put
the Chiba down for a month while you secure your financial situation
you are a delusional fiend. Yeah, fiend!


2- Get your skills up.

Make yourself desirable to future employers. Reinforce your strengths. If
you are a good talker consider some diction tips to land that Customer
Service job. If you have good writing skills write on your free time online
or just to yourself. The key to skill building is getting better at what you do
best without spending money you don’t have.


3- A positive attitude.

I don’t want to hear the story about how the white man doesn’t
want to give you a job. Trust I know even menial jobs like bus boys
and janitors are not being given to us. I can’t call it. Still in all it’s up to
you to find the next level niche. Think other than the common fall back
of hitting the block. SBA classes are free. Take the “hustler” spirit and
start your own biz.

Bottom line, don’t be your worst enemy. There is opportunity out there.
It up to you to find your hustle and not resort to common means of ends.


— Posted Live From The Outside World

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