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Hey remeber the days when you had to work for something.  You don’t?
Then chances are, you are part of Generation Y that mom didn’t swallow.
They follow the Leon PhelpsPhilosophy. They will have sex and something
randomly will happen. Now before you read in to that as some coservative
prude talking to you I’ll make it clear that there is nothing better than beating
up new talent. But it seems like a jumpboard to celebrity.

Tiger’s porn star mistress held a press conference after his first public apology
because she wanted him to apologize. Like a phone call wouldn’t suffice. Jesse
James’ Fuhrer chick got hit up to do porn and is now hosting parties in Vegas.
So are the other chicks. Spitzer’s piece is in the May 2010 Playboy. (well she’s
kinda sexy anyway). But the one that takes the cake is Kate Gosselin. This chick
is making the early charges of greed and need for fame, bought up by her former
slave John, look feasible. Playboy. Really? What happen to the wholsome mom
raising 8 kids? Ok I could let Dancing with the Stars slide. That show is tailored
to extend celebrity.  Get that check!  But even Heff had to put a stop to her madness.
Why in the name of all that is sane would you put your 8 kids throught that anyway.
Aren’t they fuct for life after this overly publicized divorce anyway?  “Mommy
why is your boonki in the magazine?”. I can only imagine what is next. She’ll
start to date A-Rod or have an affair with John Tesh. If I was the hubby I’d let her
hang herself. Remeber dude you are the villian here. Keep your douchey-ness to a
minimum. And stop tryna bone models. You are a thirty something balding reality slut.

Now with creating celebrity we were introduced to Montana Fishburne recently.
Daughter to Mr.Black Actor God himself Larry, she shocked the world by announcing
her career in porn. She quickly defended her current career path as a gate way into
acting. Really? So having the Fishburne last name isn’t enough? Mr. Marcus’ dick has
the nectar of Hollywood success shooting out of it? Maybe acting classes and actually
listening to your superstar pops might help. Something for nothing means nothing,
emptiness, instant gratification with a huge sustainability drop off. A firm foundation
always builds a better house.

Let’s keep it “real”.  Porn stars have more class than you. At least they work to
be porn stars.

Oops as I write this I am watching a TMZ story on how the porn star present at
Charlie Sheens drunken night in Gotham is suing him for a million. I take that
previous statement back.

— Posted Live From The Outside World

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