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There has been speculation that there will be a major event on December
2012. I know it is half apocalypse half balderdash. Funny. I wasn't really into
end of the world rhetoric. In fact I am one of the most skeptical dudes you
would ever meet. But even I cannot ignore the signs of my world going to
he'll in a hand basket. I will break this past years events down to sort of
shed some light on how Sarah Palin or ( insert conservative nut job here)
will be President in 2012.

1) I've always wondered why there were only 2 major parties in government.
To me that seems asinine to regulate a human beings' multiple views into two
vehicles where you place a funneled allegiance.  Enter the rise of the Tea Party,
a powerful well organized ultra conservative party. Call it ignorance but how
did they get so powerful under a year? Who's funding them?  And who's America
are they taking back? Where did their America go?

2) The past midterm elections was very sad. The democrats have relinquished
power in the House of Representatives which is a huge blow to the Obama
administration. He will now actually now have to shmooze with enemy to get
things passed. Even harder now that he has opposition in his own party. (way
to back your party see point 1) The fact of the matter is enthusiasm that people
felt in voting for our first black president ended in 2008. It is perfectly clear to
me now that most of Obama's backing came from voters who either are not
knowledgable of the workings of government or just wanted a black president.
Those same voter dropped the ball of not coming out to vote for there local
officials to ease the passing of their president's policies. It was your job to
vote to keep YOUR president in full power. Which leads me to my next point.

3)Dancing with The Stars. Bristol Palin's weak dancing ass beat out Brandy
in the head to head battle royale on primetime TV. I really don't watch it but
an interesting dynamic is emerging in front of our eyes and most of us do not
realize it. Since it's birth on MTV reality TV has captured the minds and hearts
of it's viewers. Unfortunately  the not known to most of the viewers is that the
event are partially, if not entirely, scripted. With the millions tuning in to watch
DWTS we are seeing "reality" being authored to serve a purpose.  An often
personal one. The senior Palin introduced her own "reality" show I'm sure with
hopes of gaining the hearts and minds of real everyday Americans....which
excludes me and brown people like me.

It's not racist... it's...reality. And the truth is ugly. Life is not scripted into
comical situations where at the end of the episode life is good for all involved.
Just once I'd like to see myself have the existence that I have seen on TV
since I was a child. But I do not. I have reality TV in the form of day to day
life. Often controlled by people who struggle to control a fabricated life....just
to make it seem there is something I can somehow achieve, if I vote for you
of course.

Armageddon? Maybe not. Rise of stupidity? Eminent.

-- Posted Live From The  Outside World

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