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Old Dude in The Club

“all the 80s babies put your hands in the air”

A strange thing happened to me when I went to an after work event last week.
I found out that I was the old dude in the club. How? I guess it would be my
reactions to certain instances.

First off I went with two lady friends that did not leave my side. Not
because they needed my protection or anything crazy, but more of in
the event of us leaving they know where I am. The atmosphere was cool.
“Grown and Sexy” if you will. Strange, the crowd mirrored me 5 years ago,
working in the city, letting off some steam by drinking cheap booze and
grinding on strangers. I was into the crowd, and wanted to jump on the
next young thing and try my luck.

As I watched my companions ignore the advances of the drunk sweaty
dude in a Tshirt, I notice the girls watching me. Not in a come dance
with me way, but in a “what’s his deal?” sorta way. Maybe it’s because
I had my friend buy me drinks as soon as we got in the club. Hmm was
I broke or did I have it like that. Either way curiosity was sparked. The
dudes were tryna make me out too. I ignored the broke willies and bopped
my head to the tracks of their lives.

Ack. I hate rap these days.

After the third song professing a dance of some sort I picked up my
shit and left. I used to enjoy going out and seeing people dance. In just
a short 5 yrs I became the dude that’ll rather smoke cigars and eat steaks
at a restaurant than go to a club. I past my dry hump stage. Women are a
dime a dozen. For once I can say I’m good.

Being 30 ain’t bad. Not bad at all.

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