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When Garanimals Attack

I’ve stayed quiet on this whole Perez Hilton and Will I Am spat
for I wanted to see how the public would handle the situation.
For those unfamiliar with the story it goes as such…

(The following conversation paraphrased for fun. Feel free to add funny voices.)

Will - Yo I don’t like your last review of my album.
PH – Well sucks to be you. The shits trash.
Will - I aint playing man. I don’t want to see my group on your
blog anymore or there gonna be some problems.
PH - Pulease Willie Boy. You suck as an artist and you’re no
longer relevant. Why don’t you write a song or do a
dance move somewhere?
Will – Yo word up, I’m for real. Stop publishing bad press
about my crew. We need these album sales to finish
Ferg’s reconstructive surgery. She’s almost acceptable.
(writer’s note: Sorry I had to throw in a jab)
PH – Get out of my face You F*CKin F*ggot!

<<<OK Now Pause>>>

As I see it if any man calls a heterosexual man a slur such as
“F*ggot” you should prepare for a slap or worse. Ok Continue.

(SLAP!!!!!!) Followed by crying, twitting and a 5 + minute video
blog on how violence is never an answer to a disagreement.

<<<Ok Pause again>>>

Now you would think that the ounce of blackness that Will I Am
has, other than his shuck and jive dance moves, would have
forced his hand upside Perez’s face.

You would think. NOOOOOOOOOO.Will left that job for his manager
to do. Riddle me this…Who is in greater fault…The queer dude
calling the straight guy queer expecting not to get slapped,
or the straight guy having this dispute settled physically by his manager?

Here’s a little advice for you both. Not that you’ll listen to the rants of
a dude who can read the situation better than the fluffed up media circus.

Perez – Did you really think you wasn’t gonna get slapped?
I mean, c’mon. You was in his face fam. AND you called him
what you are - a pink haired, feminine talking, queen. You lucky
you didn’t get choked out. Furthermore, people get slapped
everyday without having the police being called on them. In the
real world, Perez, there are real repercussions for harsh words.
You are not special. Everyone can get touched.

Will I Had – You disappoint me. Why? Because that open
hand slap should’ve come from you, not your manager. You
flexed your trump card (black intimidation) and destroyed your
nut sack in the process. Even if your man did it out of respect
for the BEP, you should’ve acted as the leader you are and slapped
the sh*t out of him yourself. I didn’t like you guys before, now I
like you even less. I suggest get back to your brilliant production
skills and leave the thuggin’ to the 50 Cent’s of the world.

Overall this situation reminds me of the 2 sissy kids in
the schoolyard fighting. All that slapping for nothing.

Can’t we all just get along? 

Reader Comments (2)

Ok, I hear what you're saying.

But think about it.... If you are an entertainer (supposedly on top of your game, broadcasting for CNN) a gay blogger screaming in your face should not cause you to put your hands on him(her). You'll be messing up what you have already built thus far...and future projects. Will has a following...possibly some young fans...and maybe some gay endosers. I think Will thought for a moment, remembered Chris Brown, and said "It's not worth it"

Yes you might say the last album didn't do well, but the single, endorsements and past albums are still making BEP's bank account look larger than Perez.

Will did the right thing but his manager should have slapped Perez sooner.

August 5, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterDis Pick Able

I see your point but I highly doubt that such a calculated attack was put into motion by Will.I.Am. Even if so look at the situation now. It has died down. His career is still not fully invested in BEP's, and Perez got most of the media flack from gay rights groups who felt HE was being insensitive. Will's in the clear...

I still think he should've slapped the shit outta him himself.

September 1, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterStress

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