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The Crutch

So there you have it. Hip Hop? The epitome of Style aka SWAGGER has created its own demise. Relevancy is as current as the now. Not then. It’s not about hating, tastes, or even skill. It’s about how it’s carried. That’s why we have Lindsey Lohan’s and Paris Hiltons in the world to. People love people in the spotlight no matter how wack they are. These guys are just Hip Hop’s pop illusionist. People who claim to be changing the world but are really broke frauds trying to keep what doe they have buy telling you how well off they are.Don’t believe me? I double dog dare you to Listen Soulja Boy’s “Turn my Swag On”. He basically screams annoyingly lazy and drags the words over a hard beat.

“im back againnnnn,
i know a lot of yall thought i wasn’t coming back…..
yeeeeea, yeeeeea
i had to prove them wronggggg,
got back in tha studio and came up with another hit
yeeeeea, yeeeeea”

Am I wrong for wanting to be entertained intellectually? I find myself listening to the non-Hip Pop artists just to get a lyric fix. Sometimes in an attempt to stay separate from the Pop stuff, they go way left field with the beats. I remember when I was producing a group they tried to change their image by dumbing down their content. I was shocked that they would put their artistic integrity on the line to sell records, which they never did after the change. Hmm. Hop Pop dumbs down lyrics,Hip Hop over compensates to stay “pure”. Fucked up but it makes sense. But in all the BEAT is still King! The Ultimate Crutch!!!!!!

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