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I saw a story this week involving a horrendous gang rape in
Richmond, Virginia. What made it so bad was that people stood and
watched while a 15yr old girl was repeatedly raped and assaulted for 2
hours in an alley behind the school during a dance. I’m no fool. I know
that kids drink at HS dances and get it on in dark areas. But to have
people stand there and watch adds a tinge of WTF? But that is for another
blog. I wanted to address the statements delivered by the classmates of
the victim. Though rightfully angered I feel that it may have been misguided
towards Blacks, Latinos, and Asians. In her statement she felt that because
she was the “minority” in the school her safety and academic efforts have
been overlooked. She goes even further to say (and I cringed listening)
she and her white classmates were overlooked by the district
because she was surrounded by “minorities”.

(To see the video, look below)

(c) CNN


A bright person, which I hope I am, would say, “Hold up. How can
there be TWO groups of minorities? There has to be a majority”. The fact
is that is not true. The word “minority” has become a word almost as
ugly as nigger, spic, chink. It is a PC way to say, those jigs, wet backs,
those rice eaters.  No?

Ask yourself why is she the minority surrounded by “The Minorities”.  The word
minority is defined as “the smaller part or number; a number, part, or amount
forming less than half of the whole.”  It somehow serves as a severe negative
connotation. I guess in America, that whole partial human being is still in effect. 

Be wary of being called a Minority my minor’s.

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