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Jay-Z & Kanye: Conspiracy?

YouTube for the past few months has been flooded with video
theories of Jay Z being a Freemason and Kanye belonging to a
secret society. I’m always a bit skeptical when it comes to certain things.
Hood conspiracies is one of those things. Remember when Big Daddy
Kane had AIDS?Or when R Kelly peed on children….

Oh wait…that did happen.

Anyways being proved wrong in the past I have decided to take
an intellectual look at these YouTube vids. Being how there are so
many I took the highest ranked vid named “Jay Z is a Mason”.

I watched all 8 minutes of this blatant propaganda vid. The only thing
that held some weight was point of strange placements of the Skull and
Bones on attire. But then I thought, Aren’t the Skull and Bones and Masons
two different secret societies? Not sure you can be in both at the same
time…there would be no secret. Looking further I found anyone who knows
Jay’s music can pick up the clever editing and looping of “D’Evils”. I especially
had to laugh at the “I keep one eye open like CBS” excerpt. Clearly taken out
of context. Other lyrics from ‘Ye and Nas were mentioned but these are even
further stretches not worth mentioning.

The other video that was a 5 part series looking at the video
” Luv Lockdown” I must say that this one was better explained
and had some real interesting points. OK; to tell the truth I found
fault with almost all of it except for the last part of the analysis that
made me wonder if the theory had legs. It was the scene where the
supposed Martian lesbian women were standing in front of the tribes
men. The young lion DID walk by them with two other women. It threw
me for a loop. Dont know how to debate that. Watch it and ask yourself why.

In all, be careful of anything posted on YouTube. I’m the biggest skeptic…
but of everything. Before I tear down black men who have made successes
of themselves, I investigate their product instead of bandwagonin’ and crab
barrelling. It’s open for discussion. Holla!

— Posted Live From The Outside World

Reader Comments (1)

i'm definitely of the theory that some people have way too much time on their hands, coupled with some serious howard hughesian behaviour. now, back to the "reality show" that is life ...

December 13, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterlevar F.M.

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