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Last week the Obama administration authorized a sort of a ban on Fox news
reporting because the reporting of false facts in regards to several issues that
come up. Fox has blasted the administration stating that they are just reporting
the full story. I've said in the past that most of the media outlets available now
are irresponsible when reporting the news.  In my first journalism class, my
professor assigned me to research the " War of the Worlds" incident of the
late 30's that paralyzed a rural area with fear of invading Martians. The exercise
made me realize the power of the press and how just one misguided view
can sway they public into a frenzy.  A frenzy of socialism, Nazism, and a sort
of white fright.  Shame on you Fox News. The flux of TV personalities and lack
of real journalists has plagued your network making it the headquarters of
the right wing agenda. Fair and balanced? What happened to objective
reporting? What happened to the 3 sides of the story?

Please do not insult my intelligence.


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