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Ghostdeini The Great

I had the opportunity to read a review from a somewhat prominent periodical
about the new Ghostface Killah album 'Ghostdini: The Wizard of Poetry
in Emerald City'. After the reviewer mentioned that "The Pretty Tony" album
was a miss in his eyes, I knew the rest of the review was bogus. So here
is an analysis of the new joint.

If you a Ghost fan you are familiar with his pension to attempt a tender
hearted track on each album showing his softer side. As I agree with the
aforementioned critic in Ghost's ability to understand R&B, I disagree with
saying he has problems translating it to his own music. I do admit that I
wasn't really a fan of "Push" , a previous collab with Missy Elliot, but this full
album soft approach shows Ghost's descriptive lyrics and heartfelt flow as his
harder albums.

The opening track sets the tone for the album right away. The hard drums,
silky vocals and the visual lyrics of 'Not your Average Girl' shows that Ghost's
mission is to make you believe he is dead serious about pulling this concept
album off. I think that the vocalist chosen and super catchy hooks are as stellar
as Ghost's delivery of his always super descriptive sometimes super graphic
lyrics. Raheem Devaughn lends his vocals to the energetic "Do Over", a track
featuring Ghost's admission to wanting to get a do over for the faults of a
defunct relationship. I can call out each track in an attempt to justify the album
but as you listen you come to find it is not needed.

If you are Ghost fan pick it up. If you are not pick it up. Although it is absent
of stories of drug deals gone awry it is a solid album to pop into play list slot on
your iPod. The off-beat nature of his project makes it a winner in my eyes.


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