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[MUSIC] Taylor James - "Insane"

There's moments where you need for your tunes to have the kind of
smoothness, one that applies no matter the setting or the genre. And
truth be told, there are still musicians who have the dexterity to deliver
on that kind of a need for their listeners. For some, having that smooth
aura is somewhat second-hand. When first listening to Taylor James, you
get the impression that he fits right within that category. James, who 
hails from Mississippi, has been doing his thing when it comes to music
for quite some time as a singer, composer, instrumentalist and producer.
That experience springs forth on his latest album, entitled Insane

Taylor James - "Say It's Me(Living For You)"

Insane is an album that in one sense is a representation of the work 
James has put in, and it's released through his Heart Of Gold imprint.
The album puts forth a highly relaxing vibe, brought about with James'
vocal talents on each track. For instance, with "Good News", he sings
about the unsettled times that we're in on a political and cultural level
in a tone that belies his gospel background imbued with some R&B 
stylings that harken to what one recognizes from Peabo Bryson. With
"Say It's Me", James delivers a truly mellow love ballad that immediately
puts one in a laid-back mood. And to show that he's a man with an 
ear for anything good no matter the genre, note the firm traces of hip-hop
found in his singing, exemplified in the lively "Let's Go Steppin". Insane
is an album that shows that Taylor James is an artist who's style is a 
balm in a world that isn't always stable on many levels. Check out the
album on his website and Spotify.


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